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Paper: Hyperatlas: A New Framework for Image Federation
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 364
Authors: Williams, R.; Djorgovski, S.G.; Feldmann, M.T.; Jacob, J.
Abstract: Hyperatlas is an open standard intended to facilitate the large-scale federation of image-based data. The subject of hyperatlas is the space of sphere-to-plane projection mappings (the FITS-WCS information), and the standard consists of coherent collections of these on which data can be resampled and thereby federated with other image data. We hope for a distributed effort that will produce a multi-faceted image atlas of the sky, made by federating many different surveys at different wavelengths and different times. We expect that hyperatlas-compliant imagery will be published and discovered through an International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) registry, and that grid-based services will emerge for the required resampling and mosaicking.
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