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Paper: Pre-processing the INTEGRAL Telemetry
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 388
Authors: Morisset, N.; Contessi, T.; Meharga, M.T.; Beck, M.; Walter, R.
Abstract: The acquisition, pre-processing, analysis, archiving and distribution of the INTEGRAL data are performed by the ISDC system at the Integral Science Data Centre (ISDC) in Versoix, Geneva. The PreProcessing sub-system is one of the most critical components of the ISDC system. It continuously processes the entire INTEGRAL raw telemetry, science and housekeeping data. It sorts, decomutes, decompresses and reorganises data into time slices providing the first ISDC data level. The PreProcessing component implements all requirements defined by the scientists and it is able to face all artifacts that may occur in the telemetry such as telemetry gaps, duplicate packets, corrupted data and clock reset. The originality of PreProcessing is its design. Indeed, the Object Oriented approach makes the program's core very flexible and independent of the INTEGRAL telemetry (reusable software). The convenience of such a conceptual model is the ease of implementation of any new type of telemetry packet with no change to the architecture. It is easily and quickly done by adding a new parser (inheritance and overloading concepts). The good results and performance obtained with the processing of INTEGRAL data encouraged us to reuse the same software for the PLANCK mission with a minimum of changes.
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