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Paper: Extending Sherpa Data Analysis with S-Lang
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 404
Authors: Doe, S.; Freeman, P.; Smith, R.; Burke, D.; Siemiginowska, A.
Abstract: Sherpa is the fitting application of the Chandra Interactive Analysis of Observations (CIAO) package. In this paper, we discuss how we have extended the capabilities of Sherpa in CIAO3.0 with the S-Lang programming language. Users are now able to load Sherpa data sets into S-Lang variables, and vice versa. Users also now have access to many new S-Lang functions which are the equivalents of Sherpa commands. Thus, it is now possible for users to write their own S-Lang scripts that load data into Sherpa, perform fits, and then copy the fit results out to S-Lang variables for further analysis in their scripts. Such scripts can be run from within Sherpa; it is also possible to load a Sherpa runtime module into another S-Lang application, and then run the same scripts in that application. We have also made it possible for users to run S-Lang scripts that modify the appearance of plots generated by Sherpa plotting commands. Finally, settings that affect the execution of many Sherpa commands can be changed via S-Lang variables. These settings can be stored and read back in at the start of a Sherpa session. These extensions to Sherpa follow from our efforts to embed S-Lang in CIAO, first described in Doe et al. (2001).
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