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Paper: The INTEGRAL Ground Segment
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 432
Authors: Walter, R.; Aubord, A.; Bartholdi, P.; Beck, M.; Beckmann, V.; Binko, P.; Borkowski, J.; Chernyakova, M.; Contessi, T.; Courvoisier, T.J.-L.; Dubath, P.; Ebisawa, K.; Favre, P.; Gaber, M.; Gotz, D.; Jaffe, T.; Jennings, D.; Kretschmar, P.; Landriu, D.; Lecoeur, I.; Lerusse, L.; Lock, T.; Meharga, M.; Mereghetti, S.; Morisset, N.; Mowlavi, N.; Paltani, S.; Peachey, J.; Pottschmidt, K.; O'Neel, B.; Produit, N.; Rohlfs, R.; Sauvageon, A.; Shaw, S.; Turler, M.; Diehl, R.; Domingo, A.; Goldwurm, A.; Hansson, L.; Schmidt, M.; Westergaard, N.-J.; Winkler, C.
Abstract: The INTernational Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory (INTEGRAL), an observatory mission of the European Space Agency, was launched on October 17, 2002. Since then, nominal operations have been conducted successfully and scientific alerts and products are made available to the science community with a short delay. Here we briefly describe the 3 centres responsible for the INTEGRAL operations, with emphasis on the system built at the INTEGRAL Science Data Centre and conclude on the performance of the ground segment.
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