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Paper: From INTEGRAL to Planck: Geneva's Contribution to the LFI Data Processing
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 440
Authors: Turler, M.; Rohlfs, R.; Morisset, N.; Meharga, M.T.; Courvoisier, T.J.-L.; Walter, R.
Abstract: The know-how and the tools developed at the INTEGRAL Science Data Centre (ISDC) can also serve other scientific space missions. This is clearly illustrated by Geneva's contribution to the level 1 data processing for the Low-Frequency Instrument (LFI) of ESA's Planck mission. We present here a general overview of the main tasks of this first step of the data processing with the implementation chosen for INTEGRAL and Planck. A similar scheme could be very efficiently applied to other space missions and would help to match tight budget constraints by reusing existing software and knowledge
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