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Paper: An IRAF-based Data Reduction and Analysis Pipeline for the xFOSC Family of Instruments
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 448
Authors: Butler, R.
Abstract: I describe the design of a simple IRAF-based reduction and analysis pipeline, developed for the BFOSC instrument on the 1.52m Cassini Telescope at Loiano, run by the Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna. The original motivation for this was pedagological: to enable our NUIG undergraduate students to quickly process their observations while still 'at the telescope', thus enriching their learning experience during their annual field-trip to Loiano. However, the current and future development of the pipeline is also being driven by our research programmes involving BFOSC data. On the basis of header keywords, raw frames are automatically grouped and processed (CCD reduction, coaddition, photometry, deconvolution, RGB-tricolour representation, and basic astrometry, with spectroscopy partially implemented as of now). Of particular interest is that the xFOSC family of instruments produced by the Astronomical Observatory of Copenhagen, which includes BFOSC, share identical design and operation. This should make it simple to adapt the pipeline to any of the ten FOSC instruments: ALFOSC on the Nordic Optical Telescope, DFOSC on the ESO/Danish 1.54m, and so on.
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