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Paper: LTL - The Little Template Library
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 456
Authors: Gossl, C.A.; Drory, N.; Snigula, J.
Abstract: The Little Template Library is an expression templates based C++ library for array processing, image processing, FITS and ASCII I/O, and linear algebra. It is released under the GNU Public License (GPL). Although the library is developed with application to astronomical image and data processing in mind, it is by no means restricted to these fields of application. In fact, it qualifies as a fully general array processing package. Focus is laid on a high abstraction level regarding the handling of expressions involving arrays or parts thereof and linear algebra related operations without the usually involved negative impact on performance. The price to pay is dependence on a compiler implementing enough of the current ANSI C++ specification, as well as significantly higher demand on resources at compile time. The LTL provides dynamic arrays of up to 5 dimensions, sub-arrays and slicing, support for fixed size vectors and matrices including basic linear algebra operations, expression templates based evaluation, and I/O facilities for columnar ASCII and FITS format files. In addition it supplies utility classes for statistics, linear and non-linear least squares fitting, and command line and configuration file parsing. YODA (Drory 2002) and all elements of the WeCAPP reduction pipeline (Riffeser et al. 2001, Gössl & Riffeser 2002, 2003) were implemented using the LTL.
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