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Paper: The AIPS++ Project
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 468
Authors: McMullin, J.P.; Golap, K.; Myers, S.T.
Abstract: The AIPS++ (Astronomical Information Processing System) Project has developed a codebase of libraries, tookits, and applications for the analysis of radio astronomical data. We discuss the overall architecture and core components of this package along with the current technologies in use. The existing package features many applications which are required for the next generation telescopes under development (e.g., multi-field, multi-scale, and wide field imaging algorithms, full primary beam Stokes I,Q,U,V imaging, automated and interactive statistical data editing, flexible calibration and self-calibration based on the telescope measurement equation; we highlight some of this functionality and discuss the future directions for the applications and underlying technology.
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