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Paper: New User Requirements for Astronomical Data Visualization
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 505
Authors: Joye, W.A.; Mandel, E.
Abstract: The astronomical community has benefited greatly from the dramatic increase of speed and storage capacity of computers and the wide availability of high speed Internet access. Armed with the latest hardware, users have placed increased demands on astronomical data visualization software that no one could have imagined just a few years ago.

Until recently, a typical FITS file was composed of a single image less than 100Mb in size. Now FITS files composed of mosaics images, multiple-extension FITS images, FITS data cubes, and RGB composite images are common. These FITS files now test the limits of hardware and operating systems with regard to file size and address space. And along with this explosion of new data file representations comes demands for more flexibility in visualization, support for external and remote analysis, and seamless Web integration.

We will present a discussion of new user requirements and solutions we have encountered in development and support of SAOImage DS9.

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