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Paper: Image Centering with a Maximum Likelihood Estimator: Application to Infrared Astronomical Imaging
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 558
Authors: Gratadour, D.; Mugnier, L.M.; Rouan, D.
Abstract: We present a new, Maximum Likelihood (ML) based, method for the estimation of the shift between two images. It notably outperforms the classical cross-correlation method especially in the case of low photon levels. Moreover, it is arbitrarily subpixel, without any resampling of the image, through the maximisation of a criterion. The method was tested with simulations and was applied to the case of infrared astronomical imaging where the signal is usually very weak. We have also extended our method to the joint estimation of the shifts in a sequence of N images, and preliminary results are presented in last section.
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