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Paper: Non-linear Transient Models and Transient Corrections Methods for IR Low-background Photo-detectors
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 566
Authors: Coulais, A.; Malaize, J.; Giovannelli, J.-F.; Rodet, T.; Abergel, A.; Wells, B.; Patrashin, M.; Kaneda, H.; Fouks, B.
Abstract: Physical models are used to reproduce and correct transient effects of infrared (IR) photo-detectors in time series after incoming illumination changes. Such photo-detectors, working at low background for IR astronomy in space, cover the ranges 6-15 mum (Si:Ga), 40-110 mum (unstressed Ge:GA) and 120-210 mum (stressed Ge:Ga) and are working at low temperature. We discuss detectors models (direct models) and transients corrections (inversion methods). Some have been successfully applied to ISO data, others are in preparation for SIRTF (MIPS) -- launched in August 2003 -- and ASTRO-F (FIS) -- to be launched in 2005. New results for MIPS 160 mum and the FTS of ASTRO-F/FIS are evidenced.
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