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Paper: Resource Registries for the Virtual Observatory
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 585
Authors: Plante, R.; Greene, G.; Hanisch, R.; McGlynn, T.; O'Mullane, W.; Williamson, R.
Abstract: Data discovery will be a core utility of the Virtual Observatory (VO). Registries that contain high-level descriptions of resources such as archives and services are essential for making data discovery efficient in a distributed environment. We review a framework architecture for VO registries currently under development within a International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) working group. We present an overview of a prototype implementation of the framework developed as part of the National Virtual Observatory (NVO) project. We illustrate how institutions can publish descriptions of their resources within their own registries. Other registries specialize in harvesting these descriptions to centralized locations where users may search them. We show how our prototype registry supports the NVO's first publicly released service, a Data Inventory Service.
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