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Paper: Efficient Usage of HPC Horsepower for the LOFAR Telescope
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 682
Authors: Schaaf, Kjeld v.d.
Abstract: The operation of novel phased array based radio telescopes requires vast amount of computational power for the processing of observed data. In the LOFAR telescope, the central on-line and off-line systems will use HPC resources provided by a 1000+ nodes cluster computer. In order to profit from the enormous computational power of this machine an application development framework is built. This framework support the transformation of the current single-node data reduction applications to parallel equivalents that can execute on large clusters. In the online systems, real-time signal processing pipelines can be executed. Furthermore, the complexity of controlling many concurrently running observations and analyses on an inhomogeneous hardware set is tackled.
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