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Paper: Using OpenOffice as a Portable Interface to JAVA-Based Applications
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 701
Authors: Comeau, T.; Garrett, B.; Richon, J.; Romelfanger, F.
Abstract: STScI previously used Microsoft Word and Microsoft Access, a Sybase ODBC driver, and the Adobe Acrobat PDF writer, along with a substantial amount of Visual Basic, to generate a variety of documents for the internal Space Telescope Grants Administration System (STGMS). While investigating an upgrade to Microsoft Office XP, we began considering alternatives, ultimately selecting an open source product, This reduces the total number of products required to operate the internal STGMS system, simplifies the build system, and opens the possibility of moving to a non-Windows platform. We describe the experience of moving from Microsoft Office to, and our other internal uses of in our development environment.
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