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Paper: Data Handling for Planck/LFI Ground Tests
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 788
Authors: Maris, M.; Fogliani, S.; Lama, N.; Pasian, F.; Zacchei, A.; Bersanelli, M.; Maino, D.; Leutenegger, P.; Miccolis, M.; Franceschi, E.; Malaspina, M.; Mennella, A.; Salmon, M.
Abstract: Ground Tests are a fundamental milestone within the development of the Low Frequency Instrument (LFI) which will fly onboard the ESA satellite Planck. They allow the collection of information which can not be supplied by monitoring onboard activity of the satellite during operations. Here methods and principles driving the management and elaboration of data collected during the Ground Tests campaign for the Planck / LFI are synthetically presented.
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