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Paper: Scheduler, a Distributed Batch Controller
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 796
Authors: Nguyen, D.; Edgar, R.; Gaetz, T.; Jerius, D.; Tibbetts, M.
Abstract: As part of our effort to support the calibration of the Chandra X-ray Observatory's High Resolution Mirror Assembly (HRMA), we often have to run many computationally intensive simulation programs. In order to maximize our efficiency we have written a suite of programs to distribute batch jobs by exploiting idle workstations during non-work hours. We discuss the system architecture of the Scheduler programs which were written to facilitate the tedious task of submitting a large number of batch jobs. As a demonstration of the capabilities of the Scheduler program, we describe its use in the analysis of ground calibration data. We also compare the efficiency of the Scheduler to the Sun's Grid Engine.
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