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Paper: Comparison of Echelle Spectra Reduction Packages
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 816
Authors: Skoda, P.; Slechta, M.
Abstract: The reduction of raw echelle data is a straightforward, although quite complicated task, where the reliability of the final result strongly depends on precise accomplishment of each step. Therefore the choice of reduction package best suited for the particular instrument is very important. We have tested several software packages commonly used for reduction of data from fiber-fed echelle spectrographs. We used them for processing of raw CCD echellegram of early-type stars secured with HEROS fiber echelle spectrograph currently installed at Cassegrain focus of Ondrejov observatory 2m telescope. The main interest was focused on the methods and algorithms of determination of dispersion relation. The spectra were reduced until the individual one-dimensional lambda-calibrated orders were obtained. The precision of wavelength calibration was then compared.
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