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Paper: RadioAstron Maser Observations: a Record in Angular Resolution
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 27
Authors: Sobolev, A. M.; Shakhvorostova, N. N.; Alakoz, A. V.; Baan, W. A.; RadioAstron maser team
Abstract: Extremely long baselines of the space-ground interferometer RadioAstron allow to achieve ultra-high angular resolutions. The possibility of detection of a maser emission with resolutions about tens of micro-arcseconds was arguable before successful experiments reported in this paper. We present the results of the maser survey obtained by RadioAstron during first 5 years of operation. Extremely high angular resolution of 11 microarcseconds have been achieved in observations of the megamaser galaxy NGC 4258. For the galaxy at the distance about 7 Mpc this corresponds to linear resolution around 80 AU. Very compact features with angular sizes about 20 micro-arcseconds have been detected in star-forming regions of our Galaxy. Corresponding linear sizes are about 5–10 millions of kilometers.
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