Title: Learning from Inquiry In Practice

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Editors: Lisa Hunter and Anne Metevier
In January 2010, a conference was held in Santa Cruz, California, for alumni of the Professional Development Program (PDP), which was developed through the Center for Adaptive Optics and now continues through the Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators and the Akamai Workforce Initiative at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Held every year since 2001, the PDP workshops have trained graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty members to teach effectively and inclusively through instructional strategies in which students build conceptual understanding and learn scientific reasoning processes – that is, through “inquiry.” This PDP training has complemented and supported participants’ research training, strengthening their preparation for careers in academia.

The alumni conference included discussions about the PDP’s role in participants’ career transitions and advancement, and addressed how to find and secure funding for continued science and engineering education innovations. Keynote talks highlighted the role of the PDP within the Center for Adaptive Optics, its positive effect on participants, and future directions for the program. Poster sessions provided a venue for current and past participants to share their work on designing and teaching laboratory-based inquiry activities, mainly for college students, through the PDP. At these sessions, participants also shared their work on curriculum development, and their research on and development of the PDP itself.

Originally, the PDP was focused on training astronomers and vision scientists who were drawn from the Center for Adaptive Optics community. In more recent years, the program has expanded to include participants from many natural science and engineering disciplines. This volume includes contributions from participants spanning the 10 years of the PDP and reflects the breadth of their disciplines and efforts.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume Cover Hunter, L.; Metevier, A.
Front Matter 1 Hunter, L.; Metevier, A.
Conference Photos 2 Hunter, L.; Metevier, A.
Part I. Professional Development   
Cultivating Scientist- and Engineer-Educators 2010: The Evolving Professional Development Program 3 Hunter, L.; Metevier, A. J.; Seagroves, S.; Kluger-Bell, B.; Porter, J.; Raschke, L.; Jonsson, P.; Shaw, J.; Quan, T. K.; Montgomery, R.
Diversity and Equity in the Lab: Preparing Scientists and Engineers for Inclusive Teaching in Courses and Research Environments 50 Hunter, L.; Seagroves, S.; Metevier, A. J.; Kluger-Bell, B.; Raschke, L.; Jonsson, P.; Porter, J.; Brown, C.; Roybal, G.; Shaw, J.
Designing Inquiry Starters 71 Kluger-Bell, B.
Improving Learners’ Research Process Skills 82 Quan, T. K.; Hunter, L.; Kluger-Bell, B.; Seagroves, S.
Part II. Inquiry Activity Designs
Astronomy Activities
A College-Level Inquiry-Based Laboratory Activity on Transiting Planets 97 McConnell, N. J.; Medling, A. M.; Strubbe, L. E.; Moth, P.; Montgomery, R. M.; Raschke, L. M.; Hunter, L.; Goza, B. K.
Teaching Astronomy with an Inquiry Activity on Stellar Populations 108 Rafelski, M.; Foley, M.; Graves, G. J.; Kretke, K. A.; Mills, E.; Nassir, M.; Patel, S.
The Design and Implementation of the Galaxy Component Inquiry 120 Montgomery, R.; Kulas, K.
The 2009 Akamai Observatory Short Course Inquiry Activity: “Design and Build a Telescope” 131 Sonnett, S.; Mills, B.; Hamilton, J. C.; Kaluna, H.
Physics Activities   
The COSMOS Optics Inquiry: An Inquiry Activity for High School Students on Geometric Optics 138 Raschke, L.; Severson, S.; Seagroves, S.; Porter, J.
Lens Inquiry: An Astronomy Lab for Non-Science Majors at Hartnell Community College 148 Putnam, N. M.; Cheng, J. Y.; McGrath, E. J.; Lai, D. K.; Moth, P.
A Fourier Optics and Wavefront Sensing Laboratory Activity 160 Do, T.; Fitzgerald, M.; Ammons, S. M.; Crossfield, I.; Yelda, S.; Armstrong, J. D.; Severson, S.
Resonant Pendulums: An Inquiry-Based Physics Lab 171 Kretke, K. A.; Kim, S.; Bresler, M.
Chemistry Activities   
An Inquiry Based Exercise Using X-ray Diffraction Data to Incite Student Learning 181 Rogow, D. L.; McDonald, W.; Bresler, M. R.
Biology Activities   
Teaching PCR Through Inquiry in an Undergraduate Biology Laboratory Course 187 Dorighi, K. M.; Betancourt, J.; Sapp, J.; Quan, T. K.; Lee, J.
Central Dog-ma Disease Detectives: A Molecular Biology Inquiry Activity for Undergraduates 195 Quan, T. K.; Yuh, P.; Black, F.
An Inquiry-Based Microbiology Short Course in the SUMS Program at Hartnell College 203 Dorighi, K. M.; Petrella, L.; McCann, S.; Metevier, A. J.
Building A Scientific Community: An Inquiry-Based Biology Short Course for the 2009 Hartnell SUMS Program 211 Yuh, P.; Wheaton, M.; Wright, A.; Contreras, L.; McCann, S.
Vision Science, Earth and Ocean Science, and Other Interdisciplinary Activities   
An Inquiry-Based Vision Science Activity for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Research Scientists 226 Putnam, N. M.; Maness, H. L.; Rossi, E. A.; Hunter, J. J.
The Tipping Point: Thresholds Between Earth's Physical Systems 237 Kim, S.; Stauffer, H.; Peach, K.; Nelson, K.
Science on Sunday: The Prospective Graduate Student Workshop in Ocean Sciences 247 Jacox, M. G.; Powers, M. L.
A Fluid Dynamics Activity for Prospective Graduate Students 258 Traxler, A. L.; Kretke, K. A.; Garaud, P.
Astrobiology: Identifying Bacteria from Extreme Environments 264 Quan, T. K.; Dorighi, K. M.; Cooksey, K. L.
Engineering Activities   
Digital Image Exploration at Maui Community College 274 Morzinski, K. M.; Crockett, C. J.; Crossfield, I. J.
Teaching Charge Coupled Devices Using Models as Part of the Engineering Design Process at Maui Community College 285 Mostafanezhad, I.; Tam, J.; Rozic, C.; Harrington, D. M.; Jacobs, B. A.; Swindle, R.; Reader, E.
Circuit Design: An Inquiry Lab Activity at Maui Community College 295 Morzinski, K.; Azucena, O.; Downs, C.; Favaloro, T.; Park, J.; U, V.
Teaching Optics and Systems Engineering With Adaptive Optics Workbenches 306 Harrington, D. M.; Ammons, M.; Hunter, L.; Max, C.; Hoffmann, M.; Pitts, M.; Armstrong, J. D.
Activities that Support Inquiry   
An Inquiry “Warm-Up” Activity: Preparing Students for an Active Classroom Community 316 Seagroves, S.
Metamoments 325 Sonnett, S.; Montgomery, R.
Part III. Large-Scale Curriculum Design
Astronomy and Related Curricula
The Design and Implementation of the Akamai Maui Short Course 333 Montgomery, R.; Harrington, D.; Sonnett, S.; Pitts, M.; Mostafanezhad, I.; Foley, M.; Laag, E.; Hunter, L.
The Evolution of Inquiry Activities in the Akamai Observatory Short Course, 2004–2009 355 Rice, E. L.; McElwain, M.; Sonnett, S.; Rafelski, M.
The Hartnell Astronomy Short Course: Bolstering the Scientific Research Preparation of Community College Students 364 Metevier, A. J.; Joggerst, C. C.; Moth, P.; Lotz, J.; Pollack, L.; Noeske, K.; Lopez, L.; Laver, C.; Rubin, K.; Ammons, M.; Laird, E.; Newton, A.
The CfAO's Astronomy Course in COSMOS: Curriculum Design, Rationale, and Application 381 Cooksey, K.; Seagroves, S.; Porter, J.; Raschke, L.; Severson, S.; Hinkley, S.
The Adaptive Optics Summer School Laboratory Activities 394 Ammons, S. M.; Severson, S.; Armstrong, J. D.; Crossfield, I.; Do, T.; Fitzgerald, M.; Harrington, D.; Hickenbotham, A.; Hunter, J.; Johnson, J.; Johnson, L.; Li, K.; Lu, J.; Maness, H.; Morzinski, K.; Norton, A.; Putnam, N.; Roorda, A.; Rossi, E.; Yelda, S.
The UW Center for Photonics Instrumentation Education and Research (PIER): An Inquiry-Centered Graduate Training Program 405 Sheinis, A. I.; Hooper, E. J.; Eliceiri, K. W.
Chemistry Curricula   
Porous Materials: Synthesis and Applications Discovered Through Inquiry 424 Bresler, M. R.; Rogow, D. L.; McDonald, W.; Hunter, L.
Engineering Curricula   
An Engineering Technology Skills Framework that Reflects Workforce Needs on Maui and the Big Island of Hawai‘i 434 Seagroves, S.; Hunter, L.
General/Interdisciplinary Curricula   
Designing Effective Undergraduate Research Experiences 449 Severson, S.
The Utility of Inquiry-Based Exercises in Mexican Science Classrooms: Reports from a Professional Development Workshop for Science Teachers in Quintana Roo, Mexico 459 Racelis, A. E.; Brovold, A. A.
Part IV. Research and Evaluation   
Developing and Sustaining a Science and Technology Center Education Program: “Inquiry” as a Means for Organizational Change and Institutional Legitimacy 469 Ball, T.; Hunter, L.
Using Inquiry to Develop Reasoning Skills and to Prepare Students to Take Initiative in a Research Setting: Practical Implications from Research 490 Ball, T.; Hunter, L.
Improvements in Professional Development Program Participants’ Understandings about Inclusive Teaching 515 Metevier, A. J.; Hunter, L.; Goza, B. K.; Raschke, L. M.; Seagroves, S.
Part V. Perspectives   
Designers’ Perspectives on Effective Professional Development for Scientist- and Engineer-Educators 535 Seagroves, S.; Metevier, A. J.; Hunter, L.; Porter, J.; Brown, C.; Jonsson, P.; Kluger-Bell, B.; Raschke, L.
The “Comparing Approaches” Workshop as an Introduction to Inquiry-Based Learning, Curriculum Design, and the Professional Development Program 547 Rice, E. L.
Inquiry Interpreted for the Biological Sciences: Challenges and Triumphs 557 Petrella, L. N.; Dorighi, K. M.; Quan, T. K.; Yuh, P.
Social Science at the Center for Adaptive Optics: Synergistic Systems of Program Evaluation, Applied Research, Educational Assessment, and Pedagogy 562 Goza, B. K.; Hunter, L.; Shaw, J. M.; Metevier, A. J.; Raschke, L.; Espinoza, E.; Geaney, E. R.; Reyes, G.; Rothman, D. L.
Author Index 585 Hunter, L.; Metevier, A.
Back Matter 587 Hunter, L.; Metevier, A.