Title: Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars
Volume: 466 Year: 2012 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Wojciech Lewandowski, Jaroslaw Kijak, AgniesZka Slowikowska, and Olaf Maron

Kepler Institute of Astronomy,
University of Zielona Góra, Zielona Góra, Poland
24–27 April 2012

These are the proceedings of the international conference Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars (ERPM) organized to commemorate the 60th birthday of Professor Janusz Gil.

The ERPM conference hosted more than 100 participants from all continents. The scientific program consisted of 17 invited lectures given by scholars leading their respective fields. In addition, there were 27 oral presentations in 6 regular sessions and a special session. The conference focused on observational and theoretical aspects of neutron stars, and covered the following topics: (1) Radio observations of pulsars; (2) theory of pulsar radio emission; (3) Magnetars: observations and theory; (4) Across the Spectrum: pulsars and magnetars; (5) Neutron Stars: structure, evolution, magnetic fields and PWNs; and (6) Future Prospects: pulsars and magnetars. An additional special session was dedicated to the very recent results of the simultaneous radio and X-ray observations of PSR B0943+10.

This book is of particular interest to researchers in astrophysics of neutron stars and their environment. It presents the latest research results on radio and high energy observations, an overview of some future projects, as well as theoretical aspects of the pulsar astrophysics.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Cover
Front Matter 1 Lewandowski, W.; Maron, O.; Kijak, J.
Conference Photos 2 Lewandowski, W.; Maron, O.; Kijak, J.
Session I. Across the Spectrum   
Multi-Wavelength Observations of Pulsars 3 Mignani, R. P.
High-Time-Resolution Optical Observations of the Crab Pulsar 11 Shearer, A.; Collins, S.; Naletto, G.; Barbieri, C.; Zampieri, L.; Germana, C.; Gradari, S.; Verroi, E.; Stappers, B.
The Violent Neutron Star 15 Watts, A. L.
A Unified Polar Cap/Striped Wind Model for Pulsed Radio and Gamma-Ray Emission in Pulsars 21 Pétri, J.
Do Accreting Magnetars Exist? The Case of 4U 2206+54 25 Reig, P.
Optical Observations of PSR J1357–6429 Field 29 Kirichenko, A.; Danilenko, A.; Mennickent, R. E.; Pavlov, G.; Shibanov, Y.; Zharikov, S.; Zyuzin, D.
A Study of the Long Term Variability of RX J1856.5–3754 with XMM-Newton 33 Mereghetti, S.; Sartore, N.; Tiengo, A.; De Luca, A.; Turolla, R.; Haberl, F.
Decomposition of the Optical Polarisation Components of the Crab Pulsar and its Nebula 37 Slowikowska, A.; Mignani, R.; Kanbach, G.; Krzeszowski, K.
Session II. Radio Observations of Pulsars   
Observations of Radio Polarization of Integrated Profiles 41 Johnston, S.
Interpole Communication in Radio Pulsars and the Resulting Theoretical Challenges 47 Weltevrede, P.; Wright, G.; Johnston, S.
Subbeam Carousel Circulation Time from Single Pulse Observations of Several Pulsars 53 Lewandowski, W.; Honappa, S.; Gil, J.; Kijak, J.
New Observations of Geminga at Three Low Radio Frequencies 57 Malofeev, V. M.; Malov, O. I.; Logvinenko, S. V.; Teplykh, D. A.
LM88 Revisited 61 Manchester, R. N.
Pulsar Radio Emission Mechanisms: The Crab Enigmas 65 Hankins, T. H.
Off-pulse Emission from Long Period Pulsars 71 Basu, R.; Mitra, D.; Athreya, R.
Binary Pulsar B1259–63 Spectrum Evolution and Classification of Pulsar Spectra 75 Dembska, M.; Kijak, J.; Lewandowski, W.
Broadband Nulling Behaviour of PSR B2319+60 79 Gajjar, V.; Joshi, B. C.; Kramer, M.
Observations of Transients and Pulsars with LOFAR International Stations 83 Serylak, M.; Karastergiou, A.; Williams, C.; Armour, W.; LOFAR Pulsar Working Group
The Null Patterns of Pulsars J1649+2533 and B2310+42 87 Wright, G.; Weltevrede, P.; Rankin, J.; Herfindal, J.
Long-Term Scintillation Observations of PSR B0823+26 91 Daszuta, M.; Lewandowski, W.; Kijak, J.
Analysis of Single Pulses from Radio Pulsars at High Observing Frequencies 93 Honnappa, S.; Kijak, J.; Lewandowski, W.
Interactive Database of Pulsar Flux Density Measurements 95 Koralewska, O.; Krzeszowski, K.; Kijak, J.; Lewandowski, W.
Statistics of the Subpulses for PSR B1133+16 at 8.35 GHz 97 Koralewska, O.; Kijak, J.; Lewandowski, W.
Pulse Broadening Measurement for Several Pulsars 99 Kowalińska, M.; Lewandowski, W.; Dembska, M.; Kijak, J.
Observations of Millisecond Pulsars at 8.35 GHz 101 Kowalińska, M.; Kijak, J.; Maron, O.; Jessner, A.
Modal Sequencing in an 8-hour GMRT Observation of Pulsar B1822–09 103 Latham, C.; Mitra, D.; Rankin, J.
On the Pulse-Width Statistics in Radio Pulsars 105 Maciesiak, K.; Gil, J.
Deep Searches for Millisecond Radio Bursts From M31 107 Rubio-Herrera, E.; Stappers, B. W.; Hessels, J. W. T.; Braun, R.
The Complexity Parameter in Pulsars: A Grand Update 111 Skrzypczak, A.; Gil, J.
Mode Segregation Analysis of Pulsar B1237+25 113 Smith, E. M.; Rankin, J. M.
Candidates for Pulsars with Gigahertz-Peaked Spectra 115 Tarczewski, L.; Kijak, J.; Lewandowski, W.
Investigations of the Emission Geometry of the Four-Component Radio Pulsar J0631+1036 117 Teixeira, M. M.; Rankin, J. M.; Wright, G. A. E.
Rotation Measure Variations for Pulsars 119 Yan, W. M.; Manchester, R. N.; Wang, N.; Zhu, C.
Core Emission in Classical Conal Double Profiles 121 Young, S. A. E.; Rankin, J. M.
Session III. Theory of Pulsar Radio Emission   
Observational Consequences of the Partially Screened Gap 125 Szary, A.; Melikidze, G.; Gil, J.
Thermal and Non-Thermal Radiation from Pulsars: Hints of Physics 129 Dai, S.; Xu, R.
Population Synthesis of Normal Radio and Gamma-ray Pulsars Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Techniques 133 Gonthier, P. L.; Billman, C. D.; Harding, A. K.
Double Notches: The Imprint of Microscopic Radio Emission Beam 137 Dyks, J.; Rudak, B.
Observations that can Unravel the Coherent Radio Emission Mechanism in Pulsars 141 Mitra, D.
Population Synthesis of Neutron Stars: the Impact of Different Luminosity Models 147 Igoshev, A. P.; Kholtygin, A. F.
Session IV. Neutron Stars: Structure, Evolution, Magnetic Fields, and PWNs   
A 2 M Pulsar and Equation of State of Neutron-Star Cores 151 Haensel, P.; Zdunik, J. L.
Superfluidity and Superconductivity in the Neutron Star Core 161 Page, D.
Pulsar Wind Nebulae from X-rays to VHE γ-rays 167 Kargaltsev, O.; Pavlov, G. G.; Durant, M.
Model of Radio Emission from Spherically Symmetric Pulsar Wind Nebulae 175 Tanaka, S. J.
Superluminal Waves and the Structure of Pulsar Wind Termination Shocks 179 Mochol, I.; Kirk, J. G.
Modeling Precessional Motion of Neutron Stars 183 Joachimiak, T.; Maciejewski, A. J.
Hall Drift in the Crust of Neutron Stars — Necessary for Radio Pulsar Activity? 187 Geppert, U.; Gil, J.; Melikidze, G.; Pons, J.; Viganò, D.
Initial Parameters of Neutron Stars 191 Popov, S. B.; Turolla, R.
Structure of Neutron Stars with Unified Equations of State 195 Fantina, A. F.; Chamel, N.; Pearson, J. M.; Goriety, S.
Symmetry Energy Effects in the Neutron Star Properties 199 Alvarez-Castillo, D. E.; Kubis, S.
Superfluidity and Entrainment in Neutron-star Crusts 203 Chamel, N.; Pearson, J.; Goriely, S.
Spin-Down Age: the Key to Magnetic Fields Decay on the Surface of Neutron Stars 207 Igoshev, A. P.
Decoupling of Superfluid and Normal Oscillation Modes in Rotating Neutron Stars 211 Kantor, E. M.; Gusakov, M. E.
Optical Polarimetry of the Crab and Vela Pulsars 215 Moran, P.; Shearer, A.; Mignani, R.
The Evolution of the Angle Between the Magnetic Moment and the Rotation Axis of Radio Pulsars with the Small-Scale Magnetic Field and the Superfluid Core 219 Barsukov, D. P.; Goglichidze, O. A.; Tsygan, A. I.
Maximum Mass of Cold Neutron Stars with Phase Transition 221 Fantina, A. F.; Chamel, N.; Pearson, J. M.; Goriely, S.
Nucleon Superfluidity and its Influence on Damping of Neutron Star Oscillations 223 Kantor, E. M.; Gusakov, M. E.; Chugunov, A. I.; Gualtieri, L.
Constraining the Mass and Moment of Inertia of Neutron Stars from Quasi-Periodic Oscillations in X-ray Binaries 225 Pétri, J.
Peculiar Isolated Neutron Stars and the Source in the Carina Nebula 227 Pires, A. M.
The Maximum Mass of Differentially Rotating Neutron Stars 229 Snopek, A. M.; Kucaba, M.; Gondek-Rosinska, D.; Kowalska, I., Villain, L.; Ansorg, M.
The Maximum Mass of Rotating Strange Stars 231 Szkudlarek, M.; Gondek-Rosińska, D.; Villain, L.; Ansorg, M.
Mutual Influence of Magnetic Field Decay and Thermal Evolution of Rotational Neutron Stars 233 Zhou, X.; Kang, M.; Wang, N.
Session V. Magnetars: Observations and Theory   
Heating Magnetar Surface from the Crust 237 Kaminker, A. D.; Kaurov, A. A.; Potekhin, A. Y.; Yakovlev, D. G.
Do “Magnetars” Really Exist? 241 Malov, I. F.
Equation of State of Magnetar Crusts from Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov Atomic Mass Models 249 Chamel, N.; Pavlov, R. L.; Mihailov, L. M.; Velchev, C. J.; Stoyanov, Zh. K.; Mutafchieva, Y. D.; Ivanovich, M. D.; Fantina, A. F.; Pearson, J. M.; Goriely, S.
Resonant Compton Upscattering in High Field Neutron Stars 251 Gonthier, P. L.; Eiles, M. T.; Wadiasingh, Z.; Baring, M. G.
Pulsars are Born as Magnetars 253 Heras, R.
Noise Strength Estimates of Three SGRs: Swift J1822.3-1606, SGR J1833-0832 and Swift J1834.9-0846 255 Serim, M. M.; Inam, S. Ç; Baykal, A.
Radio Timing Observations of four Gamma-ray Pulsars at Nanshan 257 Yuan, J. P.; Wang, N.; Wang, J. B.; Liu, Z. Y.
Session VI. From Past to Future   
Early Pulsar Observations in Australia 261 Wielebinski, R.
Pulsars at Very-High Energies: Prospects for CTA 267 de los Reyes, R.; Rudak, B.; CTA Consortium
POREC: Preliminary Investigations Into the Slot Gap Model 273 de Búrca, D.; McDonald, J.; O'Connor, P.; Shearer, A.
Concluding Remarks 275 van den Heuvel, E. P. J.
Back Matter   
Author Index 281 Lewandowski, W.; Maron, O.; Kijak, J.
Back Matter 283