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Paper: The Solar-B Science Center in Japan
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 59
Authors: Shimojo, M.; Tsuneta, S.; Solar-B project/NAOJ
Abstract: We are proposing to establish the Solar-B Science Center (SBSC) at NAOJ. The concept of the proposal is that SBSC be a platform for joint research to maximize scientific return from Solar-B. The concept was accepted both by NAOJ and JAXA. The computer system of SBSC includes the PC-cluster for the inversion of the vector magnetogram and the local helioseismology. The mass-storage system at NAO is mainly for the higher-level data, while JAXA/ISAS maintains lower-level data. We plan to provide methodology to make DVD Movie disc etc for simultaneous browse of SOT, XRT and EIS data. We are discussing with JAXA/ISAS for the easy-to-use data search system based on the existing ISAS DARTS data archive system. We recognize that these plans are ambitious. SBSC invites both domestic and international visitors, and provide scientifically comfortable environment for joint data analysis.
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