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Paper: HS 2231+2441: A New Eclipsing sdB Binary of the HW Vir Type
Volume: 372, 15th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 483
Authors: Ostensen, R.; Oreiro, R.; Drechsel, H.; Heber, U.; Baran, A.; Pigulski, A.
Abstract: The discovery of a new eclipsing sdB+dM system is announced. We present photometric and spectroscopic data which allow us to calculate the physical parameters of the components and solve the orbit of the system. The cool companion must be at the low mass limit for an M dwarf star, with an orbital radial velocity semi-amplitude of K1 =49.1 km/s. In other respects the system is strikingly similar to the other three known systems of the HW Vir type.
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