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Paper: K-band Spectroscopy of Deeply Embedded, Young OB Stars
Volume: 388, Mass Loss from Stars and the Evolution of Stellar Clusters
Page: 143
Authors: Bik, A.; Kaper, L.; Hanson, M.M.; Waters, L.B.F.M.
Abstract: We have obtained high resolution (R = 10 000) K-band spectra of candidate young massive stars deeply embedded in high-mass star-forming regions. These objects were selected from a near-infrared survey of 44 regions of high-mass star-formation (Kaper et al. 2006). In these clusters, 38 OB stars are identified whose K-band spectra are dominated by photospheric emission. In almost all those stars, the K-band spectra are indistinguishable from field stars. However, in some stars the profile of the Brγ line is different (less deep, or absent) from those of the O field stars. One of the explanations of these profiles might be an enhanced mass-loss.
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