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Paper: Central Stars of MASH Planetary Nebulae
Volume: 391, Hydrogen-Deficient Stars
Page: 181
Authors: Miszalski, B.; Acker, A.; Parker, Q.A.
Abstract: The AAO/UKST Hα survey of the Southern Galactic Plane has produced large numbers of new planetary nebulae (PN). These are contained in the Macquarie/AAO/Strasbourg Hα catalogue (MASH) and a supplementary catalogue called MASH-II. The large combined sample of ∼1200 PN offers many new central stars (CSPN) for study. We outline a small portion of these CSPN that have been observed spectroscopically with particular focus on Wolf-Rayet CSPN, of which we find and classify around 30 new objects.
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