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Paper: Explosive Event in the Quiet Sun Seen by XRT-EIS and SUMER
Volume: 397, First Results From Hinode
Page: 155
Authors: Attie, R.; Innes, D.
Abstract: On 10th April 2007, XRT-EIS/Hinode and SUMER/Soho were coaligned on the same region of the quiet Sun. Here we present an empirical description of an X-ray brightening observed with these instruments. Different layers were observed using transition region and coronal lines : N V (1238 Å), O V (629 Å) and Mg X (624 Å) with SUMER, in soft x-ray with XRT through its Al-mesh filter, and in He II (256 Å), Fe XII (195 Å) and Fe XV (284 Å) with EIS through its 40″ wide slit.
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