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Paper: SUMER-Hinode Observations of Microflares: Excitation of Molecular Hydrogen
Volume: 397, First Results From Hinode
Page: 174
Authors: Innes, D.E.
Abstract: Observations of active region plage with SUMER and Hinode have detected small concentrations of H2 near the footpoints of X-ray microflares. The H2 is excited by the OVI line at 1031.94 Å which, although not observed, must be brightening along with the observed transition region line (Si III 1113.24 Å). About one third of the strong transition region brightenings in the plage excited observable H2 emission. Each of the H2 events occur at a footpoint of a brightening X-ray loop. It is suggested that microflare energy dissipation in the loop footpoint heats and reduces the opacity of the chromosphere, so that OVI microflare emission is able to excite the H2.
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