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Paper: Nanoflare Evidence from Analysis of the X-Ray Variability of an Active Region Observed with Hinode/XRT
Volume: 455, 4th Hinode Science Meeting: Unsolved Problems and Recent Insights
Page: 245
Authors: Terzo, S.; Reale, F.; Miceli, M.; Kano, R.; Tsuneta, S.; Klimchuk, J. A.
Abstract: The heating of the solar corona is one of the big questions in astrophysics. Rapid pulses called nanoflares are among the best candidate mechanisms. The analysis of the time variability of coronal X-ray emission is potentially a very useful tool to detect impulsive events. We analyze the small-scale variability of a solar active region in a high cadence Hinode/XRT observation. The dataset allows us to detect very small deviations of emission fluctuations from the distribution expected for a constant rate. We discuss the deviations in the light of the pulsed-heating scenario.
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