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Paper: X-Ray Spectroscopy of the O2 If* Star HD 93129A
Volume: 465, Four Decades of Massive Star Research - A Scientific Meeting in Honor of Anthony J. Moffat
Page: 147
Authors: Cohen, D. H.
Abstract: The O2 If* star, HD 93129A, is among the earliest in the Galaxy and has one of the strongest winds of any O star. In this paper, we show that its hard and strong X-ray emission can be understood in terms of the standard embedded wind shock paradigm for effectively single, hot, massive stars. Wind attenuation of the intrinsically soft X-ray emission is an important effect, which explains the hardness of the observed X-rays. We measure the degree of wind absorption in two different ways in order to derive a mass-loss rate of roughly 6×10–6 M yr-1. This value is consistent with the observed Hα line if a clumping factor of fcl = 12 is assumed.
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