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Paper: The Transfer of Resonance Line Polarization with PRD in the General Hanle-Zeeman Regime
Volume: 526, Solar Polarization Workshop 8
Page: 119
Authors: Alsina Ballester, E.; Belluzzi, L.; Trujillo Bueno, J.
Abstract: We present numerical radiative transfer calculations of the four Stokes parameters of the radiation emerging from one-dimensional model atmospheres. In this investigation we account for the impact of partial frequency redistribution (PRD) in scattering and the joint action of the Hanle and Zeeman effects. Strong resonance lines of interest for chromospheric magnetic field diagnostics have been considered, namely the Ca I line at 4227 Å and the Mg II k line at 2795 Å. The Stokes profiles of these lines have been obtained by considering two-level atomic models, both in the absence and in the presence of magnetic fields. We draw attention to the fact that the magneto-optical terms of the transfer equations for Stokes Q and U are responsible for an interesting and previously unnoticed magnetic sensitivity of their scattering polarization profiles beyond the Doppler core. This important discovery contributes to paint a more detailed picture of the influence of relatively weak magnetic fields on the observable linear polarization signals of strong chromospheric lines, highlighting the importance of a PRD treatment for such lines.
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