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Paper: POW: A Tcl/Tk Plotting and Image Display Interface Tool for GUIs
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 128
Authors: Brown, L. E.; Angelini, L.
Abstract: We present a new Tcl/Tk based GUI interface tool which features plotting of curve and image data and allows for user input via return of regions or specific cursor positions. The package is accessible from C, Tcl, or \fortran. POW operates on data arrays, passed to it as pointers. Each data array sent to POW is treated as either an Image object or a Vector object. Vectors are combined to form Curves. Curves and Images may then be combined to form a displayed Graph. Several Graphs can be displayed in a single Tk top-level window. The Graphs can be rearranged, magnified, and zoomed to regions of interest by the user. Individual graph axes can be ``linked'' to implement a ``multiple y-axis'' (or x-axis) plot. The POW display can be written out in PostScript, for printing.
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