Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Volume: 125 Year: 1997 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Hunt, Gareth; Payne, Harry
ISBN: 1-886733-45-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-461-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
A Home-Grown But Widely-Distributed Data Analysis System 3 Liszt, H. S.
The Design and Implementation of Synthesis Calibration and Imaging in AIPS++ 10 Cornwell, Tim; Wieringa, Mark
The Grid Signal Processing System 18 Taylor, I. J.; Schutz, B. F.
The VLT Data Flow Concept 22 Grosbol, P.; Peron, M.
Experience with a Software Quality Process 26 Shaw, Richard A.; Greenfield, Perry
Overview of the FTOOLS Software Development Philosophy 30 Pence, W.
Design and Implementation of CIA, the ISOCAM Interactive Analysis System 34 Ott, S.; Abergel, A.; Altieri, B.; Augueres, J.-L.; Aussel, H.; Bernard, J.-P.; Biviano, A.; Blommaert, J.; Boulade, O.; Boulanger, F.; Cesarsky, C.; Cesarsky, D. A.; Claret, A.; Delattre, C.; Delaney, M.; Deschamps, T.; Desert, F.-X.; Didelon, P.; Elbaz, D.; Gallais, P.; Gastaud, R.; Guest, S.; Helou, G.; Kong, M.; Lacombe, F.; Li, J.; Landriu, D.; Metcalfe, L.; Okumura, K.; Perault, M.; Pollock, A. M. T.; Rouan, D.; Sam-Lone, J.; Sauvage, M.; Siebenmorgen, R.; Starck, J.-L.; Tran, D.; van Buren, D.; Vigroux, L.; Vivares, F.
The OPUS Pipeline Applications 38 Rose, James F.
The OPUS Pipeline Toolkits 42 Boyer, C.; Choo, T. H.
Multiwave Continuum Data Reduction at RATAN-600 46 Verkhodanov, O. V.
NOVIDAS and UVPROC II---Data Archive and Reduction System for Nobeyama Millimeter Array 50 Tsutsumi, T.; Morita, K.-I.; Umeyama, S.
The XMM Survey Science Centre 54 Page, Clive G.
The DRAO Export Software Package 58 Higgs, L. A.; Hoffmann, A. P.; Willis, A. G.
The SRON-HeaD Data Analysis System 62 de Vries, C. P.
Three-dimensional Data Analysis in IRAF and ZODIAC+ 66 Shopbell, P. L.
Interactive Data Analysis Environments BoF Session 69 Harrington, Joseph; Barrett, Paul E.
FADS II: The Future of Astronomical Data-analysis Systems BoF Session 73 Noordam, J. E.
Difmap: an Interactive Program for Synthesis Imaging 77 Shepherd, M. C.
CENTERFIT: A Centering Algorithm Library for IRAF 85 Davis, L. E.
A Method for Obtaining Reliable IRAS-LRS Data via the Groningen IRAS Server 89 Chan, S. J.; Henning, Th.; Assendorp, R.
Near-IR Imaging of Star-forming Regions with IRAF 93 Chan, S. J.; Mampaso, A.
ETOOLS: Tools for Photon Event Data 96 Abbott, M.; Kilsdonk, T.; Christian, C.; Olson, E.; Conroy, M.; Herrero, J.; Brissenden, R.
Data Processing for the Siberian Solar Radio Telescope 100 Konovalov, S. K.; Altyntsev, A. T.; Grechnev, V. V.; Lisysian, E. G.; Magun, A.
Java: The Application and Data Distribution Vector for Astronomy 104 Micol, A.; Albrecht, R.; Pirenne, B.
The ISOPHOT Interactive Analysis PIA, a Calibration and Scientific Analysis Tool 108 Gabriel, C.; Acosta-Pulido, J.; Heinrichsen, I.; Morris, H.; Tai, W.-M.
Calibration with the ISOPHOT Interactive Analysis (PIA) 112 Gabriel, C.; Acosta-Pulido, J.; Kinkel, U.
Mapping Using the ISOPHOT Interactive Analysis (PIA) 116 Gabriel, C.; Heinrichsen, I.; Tai, W.-M.
IMAGER: A Parallel Interface to Spectral Line Processing 120 Roberts, Doug; Crutcher, Dick
Tcl- and [Incr tcl]- Based Applications for Astronomy and the Sciences 124 Elias, Nicholas M., II
POW: A Tcl/Tk Plotting and Image Display Interface Tool for GUIs 128 Brown, L. E.; Angelini, L.
An ExpectTk/Perl Graphical User Interface to the Revision Control System (RCS) 132 Williamson, R. L., II
The Portable-CGS4DR Graphical User Interface 136 Daly, P. N.
RoadRunner: an Automated Reduction System for Long Slit Spectroscopic Data 140 Tokarz, Susan P.; Roll, John
Variable-Pixel Linear Combination 147 Hook, Richard N.; Fruchter, Andrew S.
Heuristic Estimates of Weighted Binomial Statistics for Use in Detecting Rare Point Source Transients 151 Theiler, James; Bloch, Jeff
A Computer-Based Technique for Automatic Description and Classification of Newly-Observed Data 155 Vasilyev, S.
Unified Survey of Fourier Synthesis Methodologies 158 Marechal, P.; Anterrieu, E.; Lannes, A.
Determination of Variable Time Delay in Uneven Data Sets 162 Oknyanskij, V. L.
Time Series Analysis of Unequally Spaced Data: Intercomparison Between Estimators of the Power Spectrum 166 Vityazev, V. V.
The Time Interferometer: Synthesis of the Correlation Function 170 Vityazev, V. V.
A New Stable Method for Long-Time Integration in an N-Body Problem 174 Taidakova, Tanya
Imaging by an Optimizing Method 178 Chen, Y.; Li, T. P.; Wu, M.
Non-parametric Algorithms in Data Reduction at RATAN-600 182 Shergin, V. S.; Verkhodanov, O. V.; Chernenkov, V. N.; Erukhimov, B. L.; Gorokhov, V. L.
Mapping the Jagiellonian Field of Galaxies 186 Vavilova, Irina B.; Flin, Piotr
Asteroseismology---Observing for a SONG 190 Seaman, Rob; Pilachowski, Caty; Barden, Sam
Titan Image Processing 194 Wu, Nailong; Caldwell, John
Generalized Spherical Harmonics for All-Sky Polarization Studies 198 Keegstra, P. B.; Smoot, G. F.; Gorski, K. M.; Hinshaw, G.; Tenorio, L.
Image Reconstruction with Few Strip-Integrated Projections: Enhancements by Application of Versions of the CLEAN Algorithm 202 Agafonov, M. I.
Refined SIMPLEX Method for Data Fitting 206 Kim, Y.-S.
Numerical Simulations of Plasmas and Their Spectra 213 Ferland, G. J.; Korista, K. T.; Verner, D. A.
On Fractal Modeling in Astrophysics: The Effect of Lacunarity on the Convergence of Algorithms for Scaling Exponents. 222 Stern, I.
Using Massively Parallel Processing of a NLTE Spectrum Synthetic Code and an Automated Comparison with Observations to Determine the Properties of Type IA Supernovae from their Late Time Spectra. 226 Smareglia, R.; Mazzali, P. A.
Synthetic Images of the Solar Corona from Octree Representation of 3-D Electron Distributions 230 Vibert, D.; Llebaria, A.; Netter, T.; Balard, L.; Lamy, P.
Error and Bias in the STSDAS {fitting} Package 234 Busko, I. C.
Practical Applications of a Relational Database of FITS Keywords 241 Clarke, De; Allen, S. L.
Multiple World Coordinate Systems for DEIMOS Mosaic Images 245 Allen, S. L.; Clarke, De
WCSTools: Image World Coordinate System Utilities 249 Mink, Douglas J.
The SAOtng Programming Interface 253 Mandel, E.
Speculations on the Future of FITS 257 Wells, Donald C.
FV: A New FITS File Visualization Tool 261 Pence, W.; Xu, Jianjun; Brown, Lawrence
FITS++: an Object-Oriented Set of C++ Classes to Support FITS 262 Farris, A.
The FITS List Calculator and Bulk Data Processor 266 Stobie, Elizabeth B.; Lytle, Dyer M.
FITS BoF Session 270 Teuben, Peter; Wells, Don
The XTE Data Finder (XDF) 275 Rots, A. H.; Hilldrup, K. C.
Remote Access to the TYCHO Catalogue and the TYCHO Photometric Annex 278 Wicenec, A. J.
The LASCO Data Archive 282 Wang, D.
The Evolution of the HST Archive 286 Travisano, J. J.; Richon, J. G.
Implementing a New Data Archive Paradigm to Face HST Increased Data Flow 290 Pirenne, B.; Benvenuti, P.
HARP---The Hubble Archive Re-Engineering Project 294 Hanisch, R. J.; Abney, F.; Donahue, M.; Gardner, L.; Hopkins, E.; Kennedy, H.; Kyprianou, M.; Pollizzi, J.; Postman, M.; Richon, J.; Swade, D.; Travisano, J.; White, R.
Integrating the HST Guide Star Catalog into the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database: Initial Results 298 Malkov, Oleg Yu.; Smirnov, Oleg M.
An Archival System for the Observational Data Obtained at the Okayama and KISO Observatories. II. 302 Yoshida, M.
WIYN Data Distribution and Archiving 306 Seaman, Rob; von Hippel, Ted
Automatic Mirroring of the IRAF FTP and WWW Archives 310 Fitzpatrick, Mike; Tody, Doug; Terrett, David L.
The {ROSAT} RESULTS ARCHIVE: Tools and Methods 314 Corcoran, M. F.; Harris, D. E.; Brunner, H. E.; Englhauser, J. K.; Voges, W. H.; Boller, T. H.; Watson, M. G.; Pye, J. P.
A Database-driven Cache Model for the DADS Optical Disk Archive 318 Comeau, T.; Park, V.
The CATS Database to Operate with Astrophysical Catalogs 322 Verkhodanov, O. V.; Trushkin, S. A.; Andernach, H.; Chernenkov, V. N.
Dynamic Dynamic Queries (DDQ) 329 Teuben, Peter
Access to Data Sources and the ESO SkyCat Tool 333 Albrecht, M. A.; Brighton, A.; Herlin, T.; Biereichel, P.; Durand, D.
A Java Interface For SkyView 337 McGlynn, Thomas A.; Scollick, Keith A.; White, Nicholas E.
Java, Image Browsing, and the NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library 341 Plante, R. L.; Goscha, D.
A Configuration Control and Software Management System for Distributed Multiplatform Software Development 345 Huygen, E.; Vandenbussche, B.; Bex, G.; Roelfsema, P. R.; Boxhoorn, D. R.; Sym, N. J. M.
Case Study of RDBMS Use on The EUVE Mission 349 Olson, E. C.
{QDB}: an {IDL}-Based Interface to {LASCO} Databases 353 Esfandiari, A. E.; Paswaters, S. E.; Wang, D.; Howard, R. A.
Astronomical Information Discovery and Access: Design and Implementation of the ADS Bibliographic Services 357 Accomazzi, A.; Eichhorn, G.; Kurtz, M. J.; Grant, C. S.; Murray, S. S.
The Sociology of Astronomical Publication Using ADS and ADAMS 361 Schulman, Eric; French, James C.; Powell, Allison L.; Murray, Stephen S.; Eichhorn, Guenther; Kurtz, Michael J.
A Distributed System for ``Phase II'' Proposal Preparation 367 Chavan, A. M.; Albrecht, M. A.
Filtering KPNO \LaTeX\ Observing Proposals with Perl 371 Bell, David J.
A User Friendly Planning and Scheduling Tool for SOHO/LASCO-EIT 375 Paswaters, S. E.; Wang, D.; Howard, R. A.
Planning and Scheduling Software for the Hobby Eberly Telescope 379 Gaffney, Niall I.; Cornell, Mark E.
CICADA, CCD and Instrument Control Software 385 Young, Peter J.; Brooks, Mick; Meatheringham, Stephen J.; Roberts, William H.
Real Time Science Displays for the Proportional Counter Array Experiment on the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer 389 Giles, A. B.
A Graphical Field Extension for {sky} 393 Conrad, Al
The JCMT Telescope Management System 397 Tilanus, Remo P. J.; Jenness, Tim; Economou, Frossie; Cockayne, Steve
Remote Eavesdropping at the JCMT via the World Wide Web 401 Jenness, Tim; Economou, Frossie; Tilanus, R. P. J.
WinTICS-24 Version 2.0 and PFITS---An Integrated Telescope/CCD Control Interface 405 Hawkins, R. Lee; Berger, David; Hoffman, Ian
Physical Modeling of Scientific Instruments 411 Rosa, M. R.
Calibration and Performance Control for the VLT Instrumentation 415 Ballester, P.; Banse, K.; Grosbol, P.
The ESO VLT CCD Detectors Software 418 Longinotti, Antonio
The Observatory Monitoring System: Analysis of Spacecraft Jitter 422 Hyde, Peter; Perrine, Richard; Steuerman, Kenneth
Refining the Guide Star Catalog: Plate Evaluations 426 Smirnov, Oleg M.; Malkov, Oleg Yu.
ZGSC (Compressed GSC) and XSKYMAP 429 Smirnov, Oleg M.; Malkov, Oleg Yu.
Towards Optimal Analysis of HST Crowded Stellar Fields 431 Linde, Peter; Snel, Ralph
In-Orbit Calibration of the Distortion of the SOHO/LASCO-C2 Coronagraph 435 Llebaria, A.; Aubert, S.; Lamy, P.; Plunkett, S.
NICMOS Calibration Pipeline: Processing Associations of Exposures 439 Bushouse, H.; MacKenty, J.; Skinner, C.; Stobie, E.
NICMOS Related Software Development at the ST-ECF 443 Albrecht, R.; Freudling, W.; Caulet, A.; Fosbury, R. A. E.; Hook, R. N.; Adorf, H.-M.; Micol, A.; Thomas, R.
IDL Library Developed in the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics (Irkutsk, Russia) 447 Konovalov, S. K.; Altyntsev, A. T.; Grechnev, V. V.; Lisysian, E. G.; Rudenko, G. V.; Magun, A.
The Data Handling System for the NOAO Mosaic 451 Tody, Doug
IRAF Data Reduction Software for the NOAO Mosaic 455 Valdes, Francisco
Data Format for the NOAO Mosaic 459 Valdes, Francisco
ASC Data Analysis Architecture 465 Conroy, M.; Joye, W.; Herrero, J.; Doe, S.; Mistry, A.
Implementation Design of the ASC Data Model 469 Herrero, J.; Oberdorf, O.; Conroy, M.; McDowell, J.
ASC Coordinate Transformation---The Pixlib Library 473 He, H.; McDowell, J.; Conroy, M.
Simulated {AXAF} Observations with {MARX} 477 Wise, Michael W.; Huenemoerder, David P.; Davis, John E.
The AXAF Science Center Performance Prediction and Calibration Simulator 481 Zacher, R. A.; Mackay, A. H.; McNamara, B. R.; David, L. P.
Modeling AXAF Obstructions with the Generalized Aperture Program. 485 Nguyen, D.; Gaetz, T.; Jerius, D.; Stern, I.
The AXAF Ground Aspect Determination System Pipeline 488 Karovska, M.; Aldcroft, T.; Cameron, R. A.; Deponte, J.; Birkinshaw, M.
Fitting and Modeling in the ASC Data Analysis Environment 492 Doe, S.; Siemiginowska, A.; Joye, W.; McDowell, J.