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Paper: An Archival System for the Observational Data Obtained at the Okayama and KISO Observatories. II.
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 302
Authors: Yoshida, M.
Abstract: The Mitaka-Okayama-Kiso data Archival system second version (MOKA2) has been released. In MOKA2 the interfaces between user and the database engine contain Graphical User Interface (GUI), the SQL generator and the Client/Server system are World Wide Web (WWW) based ones: HTML, cgi, and httpd. This substantially improves its availability on the Internet and makes it easy to maintain the system. All the features developed for the first version of MOKA---e.g., the quick-look system, the name resolving system, and coordinate converter---are also available in MOKA2. MOKA2 offers the material of astronomical research as a prototype of a large-scale data archive of the next generation.
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