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Paper: Modeling AXAF Obstructions with the Generalized Aperture Program.
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 485
Authors: Nguyen, D.; Gaetz, T.; Jerius, D.; Stern, I.
Abstract: The generalized aperture program is designed to simulate the effects on the incident photon stream of physical obstructions, such as thermal baffles and pre- and post-collimators. It can handle a wide variety of aperture shapes, and has provisions to allow alterations of the photons by the apertures. The philosophy behind the aperture program is that a geometrically complicated aperture may be modeled by a combination of geometrically simpler apertures. This is done by incorporating a language, lua, to lay out the apertures. User provided call-back functions enable the modeling of the interactions of the incident photon with the apertures. This approach allows for maximum flexibility, since the geometry and interactions of obstructions can be specified by the user at run time.
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