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Paper: Non-parametric Algorithms in Data Reduction at RATAN-600
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 182
Authors: Shergin, V. S.; Verkhodanov, O. V.; Chernenkov, V. N.; Erukhimov, B. L.; Gorokhov, V. L.
Abstract: Non-linear and non-parametric algorithms for data averaging, smoothing and clipping in the RATAN-600 flexible astronomical data processing system are proposed. Algorithms are based on robust methods and non-linear filters using an iterative approach to smoothing and clipping. Using robust procedures to detect faint sources is proposed also. This detector is based on the ratio of two statistics, characterizing the noise and signal, in the given interval. These methods allow us to accelerate the process of the data reduction and to improve the signal/noise ratio. Examples of operation of these algorithms are shown.
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