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Paper: Time Series Analysis of Unequally Spaced Data: Intercomparison Between Estimators of the Power Spectrum
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 166
Authors: Vityazev, V. V.
Abstract: It is shown that the likeness of the periodogram and the LS-spectrum (both estimators of the power spectrum are widely used in the spectral analysis of time series), depends on the properties of the spectral window W(omega ) corresponding to the distribution of time points. The main results are: a) all the estimators evaluated at frequency omega are identical if W(2omega )=0; b) the Schuster periodogram differs from the LS-spectra at the frequencies omega =hat ω_k/2, where hat ω_k are the frequencies at which the spectral window has large side peaks due to irregular distribution of time points. Two examples for situations typical in astronomy illustrate these conclusions.
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