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Paper: Faraday Rotation Measure Observations on the Pc-Scale: Probing the AGN Environment
Volume: 144, Radio Emission from Galactic and Extragalactic Compact Sources, IAU Colloquium 164
Page: 113
Authors: Taylor, G. B.; Venturi, T.; Udomprasert, P. S.
Abstract: We present multi-frequency VLBA polarimetric observations of a small sample of quasars revealing their Faraday rotation measure (RM) structure at ~1 mas resolution. Two of the sources (OQ 172 and 3C 216) were chosen on the basis of high RMs seen by the VLA and single dish telescopes. A few more typical quasars (3C 273, 3C 279, 3C 345 and 3C 380) were also included in the study. In OQ 172, 3C 273, 3C 279 and 3C 380 we find high RMs (>3000 rad m^{-2}) associated with the nuclear region. Only 1-10 mas from the nucleus the jet |RM|s in all 4 of these sources fall to less than 100 rad m^{-2}. This RM structure may be produced by strong magnetic fields in the the narrow line region of the quasar.
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