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Paper: Multi-Frequency Monitoring of a Sample of Extragalactic Radio Sources
Volume: 144, Radio Emission from Galactic and Extragalactic Compact Sources, IAU Colloquium 164
Page: 279
Authors: Mingaliev, M.; Botashev, A.; Stolyarov, V.
Abstract: The preliminary results of monitoring of simultaneous spectra of a sample of extragalactic sources are given. Eight sets of observations were done at the RATAN-600 radio telescope in 1995-1996 at six frequencies (0.96, 2.3, 3.9, 7.7, 11.2, and 22 GHz). The light curves as well as the variability parameters are given. Figures 2, 3, 4 and Table 2 are available electronically via anonymous ftp on site in directory /data/ratan/variability_paper.
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