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Paper: SGR A* and Company -- Multiwavelength Observations of SGR A* and VLA Search for ``Sgr A*'s'' in LINERs
Volume: 144, Radio Emission from Galactic and Extragalactic Compact Sources, IAU Colloquium 164
Page: 323
Authors: Falcke, H.; Goss, W. M.; Ho, L. C.; Matsuo, H.; Teuben, P.; Wilson, A. S.; Zhao, J.-H.; Zylka, R.
Abstract: We report first results from a multiwavelength campaign to measure the simultaneous spectrum of Sgr A* from cm to mm wavelengths. The observations confirm that the previously detected submm-excess is not due to variability; the presence of an ultracompact component with a size of a few Schwarzschild radii is inferred. In a VLA survey of LINER galaxies, we found Sgr A*-like nuclei in one quarter of the galaxies searched, suggesting a link between those low-power AGN and the Galactic Center.
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