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Paper: Chemical Models for Molecular Absorption Features
Volume: 156, Highly Redshifted Radio Lines
Page: 196
Authors: Gerin, M.; Roueff, E.
Abstract: We present dark cloud chemical models, including deuterium fractionation, for the molecular absorption features. We show that models for cold, low density gas (n = 10^4 cm^{-3}, T = 20K) predict molecular abundances similar to the observed values, even for low metallicity gas. The HIP solution gives a better agrement than the LIP solution since it predicts a low relative abundance of O_2 and a high abundance of CCH, as observed. The deuterium fractionation is proportional to the elemental deuterium abundance in the gas, and is lower in the HIP than in the LIP, by a factor ranging from 5 to 10.
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