Title: Highly Redshifted Radio Lines
Volume: 156 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Carilli, C. L.; Radford, S. J. E.; Menten, K. M.; Langston, G. I.
ISBN: 1-886733-76-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-492-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
Simulating Gas at High Redshift 1 Katz, N.; Hernquist, L.; Weinberg, D. H.
Neutral Hydrogen at High Redshift: probing structure formation 9 Bagla, J. S.
Redshifted 21cm Line Absorption by Intervening Galaxies 16 Briggs, F. H.
HI 21cm Absorption in Low Redshift MgII-selected Systems 28 Lane, W.; Smette, A.; Briggs, F.
A Transit Search for Highly Redshifted HI 34 Weintroub, J.; Horowitz, P.; Avruch, I. M.; Burke, B. F.
Molecular Emission Lines from High Redshift AGNs 39 Barvainis, R.
Molecular Emission at High Redshift: Observations of BR1202-0725 45 Kawabe, R.; Kohno, K.; Ohta, K.; Carilli, C.
Observation of Molecular Emission from High Redshift Galaxies 53 Omont, A.; Petitjean, P.; McMahon, R. G.; Guilloteau, S.; Cox, P.
Imaging CO Emission in Gas Rich Galaxies at High Redshifts 58 Yun, M. S.; Scoville, N. Z.; Evans, A. S.
High Resolution Data on the Cloverleaf in the UV and in CO(7-6): a New Model of the Lens and a Model of the Molecular Region in the Quasar at Z = 2.56 64 Alloin, D.; Mellier, Y.; Kneib, J.-P.
CO Emission from Powerful Radio Galaxies at Low and High Redshift 74 Evans, A. S.
12CO(1-0) Line Widths as Tully-Fisher Observables 80 Lavezzi, T. E.; Dickey, J. M.
WASP: A 3250 MHz Bandwidth Correlator for Heterodyne Spectroscopy 86 Isaak, K.; Harris, A. I.; Zmuidzinas, J.
Observations and Diagnostic use of Highly Redshifted Fine Structure Lines 91 van der Werf, P. P.
Continuum Observations of the High-Redshift Universe at Sub-millimetre Wavelengths 99 Hughes, D. H.; Dunlop, J. S.
Evolution and Internal Kinematics of Faint Blue Galaxies 113 Guhathakurta, P.; Ing, K.
H_2 and C I in Damped LY alpha Quasar Absorbers at Intermediate and High Redshifts 121 Ge, J.; Bechtold, J.
Abundances of Heavy Elements and CO Molecules in High Redshift Damped LY alpha Galaxies 132 Lu, L.; Sargent, W. L. W.; Barlow, T. A.
Determining the Physical Nature of the Damped LY alpha Systems by Investigating their Kinematic Characteristics 140 Prochaska, J. X.
Gravitational Lensing by Damped LY alpha Absorbers 147 Smette, A.; Claeskens, J.-F.; Surdej, J.
Dust in MG II Absorption Systems 153 Malhotra, S.
Evidence for Dust in Gravitational Lenses 159 Rhoads, J. E.; Malhotra, S.; Turner, E. L.
The Redshift Cutoff and the Quasar Epoch 163 Shaver, P. A.; Hook, I. M.; Jackson, C. A.; Wall, J. V.; Kellermann, K. I.
HI 21cm Absorption toward Red Quasars 171 Carilli, C. L.; Menten, K. M.; Moore, C. P.
Absorption toward Red BL Lac Objects 183 Stocke, J. T.; Rector, T. A.
Molecular Absorption in the Local Diffuse Interstellar Medium 188 Liszt, H.; Lucas, R.
Chemical Models for Molecular Absorption Features 196 Gerin, M.; Roueff, E.
Molecular Absorption Lines at High Redshift 202 Wiklind, T.; Combes, F.
Molecular Lines in Absorption: Recent Results 210 Combes, F.; Wiklind, T.
Interferometric Observations of Redshifted Molecular Absorption toward Gravitational Lenses 218 Menten, K. M.; Carilli, C. L.; Reid, M. J.
HI and OH Absorption towards 1830-211 228 Chengalur, J. N.; de Bruyn, A. G.; Narasimha, D.
Deuterated Molecules in PKS 1830-211 233 Shah, R. Y.; Wootten, A.; Mangum, J. G.; Carilli, C. L.; Menten, K. M.
BIMA and Keck Imaging of the Radio Ring PKS 1830-211 240 Frye, B. L.; Courbin, F.; Broadhurst, T. J.; Welch, W. J. W.; Lidman, C.; Magain, P.; Pahre, M.; Djorgovski, S. G.
Frequency Dependent Radio Structure of the Gravitational Lens System B0218+357 247 Patnaik, A. R.; Porcas, R. W.
Neutral Hydrogen Absorption in Nearby Active Galaxies 252 Pedlar, A.; Wills, K. A.; Cole, G. H. J.; Muxlow, T. W. B.; Mundell, C. G.; Gallimore, J. F.
HI Absorption from a Circumnuclear TORUS in the Hidden Quasar Cygnus A 259 Conway, J. E.
Physical Conditions in Obscuring Tori and Molecular Accretion Disks, and Are They Really the Same Thing? 267 Maloney, P. R.
Cosmology with High-Redshift Water Masers 275 Herrnstein, J. R.