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Paper: BIMA and Keck Imaging of the Radio Ring PKS 1830-211
Volume: 156, Highly Redshifted Radio Lines
Page: 240
Authors: Frye, B. L.; Courbin, F.; Broadhurst, T. J.; Welch, W. J. W.; Lidman, C.; Magain, P.; Pahre, M.; Djorgovski, S. G.
Abstract: We discuss BIMA (Berkeley Illinois Maryland Association) data and present new h igh quality optical and near-IR Keck images of the bright radio ring PKS 1830-211. Applying a powerful new deconvolution algorithm we have been able to identify both images of the radio source. In addition we recover an extended source in the optical, consistent with the expected location of the lensing galaxy. The source counterparts are very red, I-K ~7 suggesting strong Galactic absorption with additional absorption by the lensing galaxy at z = 0.885, and consistent with the detection of high redshift molecules in the lens.
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