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Paper: Molecular Lines in Absorption: Recent Results
Volume: 156, Highly Redshifted Radio Lines
Page: 210
Authors: Combes, F.; Wiklind, T.
Abstract: Some recent results are presented about high redshift molecular absorption lines, namely about chemical abundances of elements, and in particular of water and molecular oxygen. Excitation temperatures of several molecules are found lower than the cosmic background temperature at the corresponding redshift z = 0.88582 in PKS1830-211, and interpretations are proposed. The radio flux monitoring of the two gravitational images of PKS1830-211 is presented over almost two years, but precise calibration is still preventing the determination of the time-delay without ambiguity. The high spectral resolution of radio observations allows us to put constraints on the variation of the fine-structure constant over a large fraction of the Hubble time.
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