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Paper: Archive Storage Subsystem for the ESO VLT
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 265
Authors: Dunn, Jennifer; Cockayne, Steve; Gaudet, Séverin; Jaeger, Shannon; Albrecht, Miguel
Abstract: The Archive Storage Subsystem (ASTO), developed by the Canadian Astronomy Da ta Center, is part of the On-Line Archive Facility in use by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) Very Large Telescopes (VLT) and New Technology Telescope (NTT ) Archive System. It is composed of several programs that allow for the preparation and writing of media in parallel. Its function is to respond to requests to create archive and user media on magnetic tape, CD-ROM, or DVD. Parts of this system have also been integrated into the Gemini Telescopes Data Handling System. The design and function of this system are presented.
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