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Paper: Spectral and Light Variability of Be Star 60 Cygni
Volume: 214, The Be Phenomenon in Early-Type Stars, IAU Colloquium 175
Page: 280
Authors: Koubský, P.; Harmanec, P.; Hubert, A. M.; Floquet, M.; Kubát, J.; Ballereau, D.; Božič, H.; Chauville, J.; Holmgren, D.; Yang, S.; Cao, H.; Eenens, P.; Huang, L.; Percy, J. R.
Abstract: The analysis of high S/N spectra and photometric data of 60 Cyg shows that: (1) Pronounced long-term variations in spectra are accompanied with light variations. (2) The medium-term variations of RV could indicate that 60 Cyg is a spectroscopic binary. (3) Two independent structures dominate the rapid variability of both spectrum and light of the star.
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