Title: The Be Phenomenon in Early-Type Stars, IAU Colloquium 175
Volume: 214 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Smith, Myron A.; Henrichs, Huib F.; Fabregat, Juan
ISBN: 1-58381-045-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-550-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Be Phenomenon1 1 Balona, L. A.
Physical Properties and Evolutionary Stage of Be Stars 13 Harmanec, P.
The Connection with B[e] stars 26 Zickgraf, F.
The Be Phenomenon: Connections to B-supergiants 37 Kaufer, A.
A Spectropolarimetric Atlas of 61 Bright Northern Be Stars 48 Bjorkman, K. S.; Meade, M. R.; Babler, B. L.
On the Initial Mass Function of Be Stars and the Missing Be Stars of Late Spectral Types 51 Zorec, J.
The Visual Absolute Magnitude of the Central Objects in Be Stars 55 Moujtahid, A.; Zorec, J.
Abundances of Be Stars in Very Young Open Clusters 59 Marco, A.; Bernabeu, G.; Torréjon, J. M.; Rodes, J. J.; Fabregat, J.
Be Star Surveys in Open Clusters with Balmer-line Photometry 63 Capilla, G.; Fabregat, J.; Baines, D.
Discovery of New Be Stars in the Galactic Open Cluster NGC7128 67 Balog, Z.; Vinkó, J.; Fürész, G.; Alfaro, E. J.; Delgado, A. J.; Moitinho, A.
Spectroscopic Investigations of the Main-Sequence B Stars in the Association Cas OB2 and the Open Cluster Platais 1 (C2128+488) 71 Usenko, I. A.; Kovtjukh, V. V.; Andrievsky, S. M.; Klochkova, V. G.; Panchuk, V. E.; Ermakov, S. V.
Be Stars in the Magellanic Clouds 75 Keller, S. C.; Bessell, M. S.; Dacosta, G. S.
A Spectroscopic Study of Be stars in the SMC Cluster NGC 330 79 Hummel, W.; Gässler, W.; Muschielok, B.; Szeifert, T.; Seifert, W.; Appenzeller, I.; Rupprecht, G.
The B[e] Star MWC 84 (CI Cam) 83 Jaschek, C.; Andrillat, Y.
BCD Classification of Stars with the B[e] Phenomenon 87 Cidale, L.; Zorec, J.; Morrell, N.
The Be Phenomenon in A-type Supergiants 91 Verdugo, E.; Talavera, A.; Gómez de Castro, A. I.
Rapid Variations of Discrete Absorption Components in the spectrum of P Cygni 96 Israelian, G. L.
The Nebula Surrounding the B[e] Supergiant R4 100 Pasquali, A.; Nota, A.; Langer, N.; Schulte-Ladbeck, R. E.; Clampin, M.
The Connection between Classical Be Stars and Herbig Ae/Be Stars 103 Böhm, T.; Balona, L. A.
Probing the Small Scale Structures around Herbig Be Stars using Hα Spectropolarimetry 108 Oudmaijer, R. D.; Drew, J. E.; Busfield, G.
Modelling of Spherical Extended Atmospheres: Some New Results 113 Vázquez, A. C.
Hipparcos Positions of B/Be Stars on the HR Diagram 117 Briot, D.; Robichon, N.
Direct Optical Imaging of Be Disks 129 Stee, P.
The ST3 Mission, and its Capabilities for Be Star Observations 141 Linfield, R. P.
ISO Observations of Be Stars 145 Waters, L. B. F. M.; Trams, N. R.; Hony, S.; de Koter, A.; Morris, P. W.; Zaal, P. A.; Marlborough, J. M.; Millar, C. E.; Vandenbussche, B.
X-ray Emission from Isolated Be Stars 156 Cohen, D. H.
Watching Binary Systems with Be Components with the GI2T-REGAIN Spectro-Interferometer 170 Thureau, N.; Bonneau, D.; Mourard, D.; Stee, P.; Vakili, F.; Harmanec, P.
Interferometry and Stellar Magnetism 174 Chesneau, O.; Rousselet-Perraut, K.; Vakili, F.
Observed Periodic Phenomena 178 Baade, D.
Multimode Detections from Surveys 192 Aerts, C.
Optical Variability of the Be Star &ogr; And during the Period 1975-1998: Rotational Modulation or Multimodal Pulsations? 205 Guerrero, G.; Sareyan, J. P.; Álvarez, M.; Chauville, J.; Arellano Ferro, A.; Mathias, P.; Pena, J.; Garciá, E.
Mid-term Photometric Periodic Variations in Be Stars HR 1960 and HR 2968 208 Carrier, F.; Burki, G.
Long-Term Variability in the Winds of λ Eridani and 66 Ophiuchi 212 Peters, G. J.
A UV Spectrophotometric Technique for Measuring Temperatures of Circumstellar Structures over B Stars 216 Smith, M. A.
Co-rotating Photospheric Clouds in μ Centauri 220 Balona, L. A.; James, D.; Lawson, W. A.; Shobbrook, R. R.
The Multiperiodicity of μ Cen (B2IVe) 224 Baade, D.; Rivinius, Th.; štefl, S.
Non-radial Pulsation Modeling of μ Centauri 228 Rivinius, Th.
Multiperiodic Variability and Outbursts of 28 Cygni 232 Tubbesing, S.; Rivinius, Th.; Wolf, B.; Kaufer, A.
Short-period Variations of 28 CMa during 1998/9 236 Balona, L. A.; James, D.
Tracing the Transient Periods in the Be Star 28 ω CMa 240 štefl, S.; Budovičová, A.; Baade, D.; Kaufer, A.; Rivinius, T.; Stahl, O.; Wolf, B.
Non-radial Pulsation Modeling of ω (28) CMa 244 Mainz, M.; Rivinius, Th.; Tubbesing, S.; Wolf, B.; štefl, S.; Baade, D.
Phase Variation and NRP Modes in Southern Be Stars 248 Janot-Pacheco, E.; Leister, N. V.; de Souza, A. D., Jr.; Jankov, S.; Hubert, A. M.; Floquet, M.
NRP Modeling of the Line Profile Variations of λ Eri in the 1994 Campaign 252 Kambe, E.; Hirata, R.; Fabregat, J.
Pulsations in 66 Oph: Multiperiodicity in He I 6678 256 Floquet, M.; Neiner, C.; Briot, D.; Chauville, J.; Hubert, A. M.; Ballereau, D.
Short-term Periodicity in the Pole-on Be Star υ Cyg 260 Floquet, M.; Neiner, C.; Hubert, A. M.
Doppler Imaging of Non-radially Pulsating Stars 264 Jankov, S.; Janot-Pacheco, E.; Leister, N. V.
Mapping the Non-Radial Pulsations 268 Berdyugina, S. V.; Korhonen, H.; Schrijvers, C.; Telting, J. H.
Line Profile Variability in the Be Star α Eridani 272 Leister, N. V.; Janot-Pacheco, E.; Leyton Z. J.; Hubert, A. M.; Floquet, M.
Multi-frequency Variations in the Be star ζ Ophiuchi 276 de Souza, A. D., Jr.; Janot-Pacheco, E.; Leister, N. V.; Jankov, S.; Hubert, A. M.; Floquet, M.
Spectral and Light Variability of Be Star 60 Cygni 280 Koubský, P.; Harmanec, P.; Hubert, A. M.; Floquet, M.; Kubát, J.; Ballereau, D.; Božič, H.; Chauville, J.; Holmgren, D.; Yang, S.; Cao, H.; Eenens, P.; Huang, L.; Percy, J. R.
On the Excitation Mechanism for the Nonradial Pulsations in ε Persei 284 Kambe, E.; Saio, H.; Lee, U.
Trans-Photospheric Wave Leakage in Be Stars 288 Townsend, R.
Recent Spectroscopic Evidence for Aperiodic Activity in Classical Be Stars 292 Smith, M. A.
Physical Requirements for Flares in Stars 304 Haisch, B.
Can Magnetic Fields Be Detected in Be Stars? 316 Mathys, G.; Smith, M. A.
The Magnetic Field of β Cep and the Be Phenomenon 324 Henrichs, H. F.; de Jong, J. A.; Donati, J.-F.; Catala, C.; Wade, G. A.; Shorlin, S. L. S.; Veen, P. M.; Nichols, J. S.; Kaper, L.
Light Curves of Be Stars due to Orbiting Arcs of Matter or Prominence-Like Structures 330 Zorec, J.; Frémat, Y.; Hubert, A. M.
Surface Magnetic Fields in Early-Type Stars 334 Airapetian, V. S.
The Rise of a Magnetic Flux Tube through the Radiative Envelope of a 9 M_solar Star 337 Cassinelli, J. P.; MacGregor, K. B.
Be Phenomena in Young Early-type Stars: Various Forms of Interaction between the Star and the Circumstellar Gaseous Envelope 344 Pogodin, M.
Short-lived and Long-lived Outbursts in B and Be Stars from Hipparcos Photometry and Modelling 348 Hubert, A. M.; Floquet, M.; Zorec, J.
The Changing X-Ray Properties of γ Cas 352 Smith, M. A.; Robinson, R. D.
HEROS Be Star Campaigns 356 štefl, S.; Rivinius, T.
Chinese and Japanese Participation in B/Be Star Campaigns 364 Hao, J.
Results from MuSiCoS Campaigns on Be stars 372 Henrichs, H. F.; Neiner, C.; Hubert, A. M.; Floquet, M.; the MuSiCoS Team
Short-Term Wind and Photospheric Activity in Be Stars Deduced from Campaigns with the IUE Spacecraft 375 Peters, G. J.; Gies, D. R.
Polarimetry as a Diagnostic of Circumstellar Envelopes 384 Bjorkman, K. S.
Line Profile Modeling of Disks 396 Hummel, W.
Theory of Global Disk Oscillations 409 Okazaki, A. T.
Long-term Variability in Be-Star disks 422 Telting, J. H.
The Formation and Structure of Circumstellar Disks 435 Bjorkman, J. E.
Spectrophotometric and Photometric Behaviours of Be Stars: the Circumstellar Envelope Formation Mechanisms 448 Zorec, J.; Hubert, A. M.; Moujtahid, A.
Polarization from Be Disks with 1-Armed Density Waves 452 Ignace, R.
A Connection Between V/R and Polarization in Be Stars 460 McDavid, D.; Bjorkman, K. S.; Bjorkman, J. E.; Okazaki, A. T.
Reflections on Scattered Light: Monte Carlo Simulations of the Flux and Polarization Curves of β Lyrae 464 Hoffman, J. L.; Whitney, B. A.; Nordsieck, K. H.
Near Infrared Spectroscopic Observations of Early-type Be Stars 468 Ashok, N. M.; Banerjee, D. P. K.
Paschen and Brackett Lines in Be stars 472 Cidale, L.; Zorec, J.; Maillard, J. P.; Morrell, N.
Mid-Infrared Spectra of Be Stars 476 Rinehart, S. A.; Houck, J. R.
Fundamental Parameters of Be Stars Derived from Near-Infrared Spectra 480 Houziaux, L.; Frémat, Y.
Far-infrared Excesses in Classical Be Stars 484 Miroshnichenko, A. S.; Bjorkman, K. S.
Influence of the Plasma Opacity in the Calculations of IR Emission Due to Dielectronic Recombination of Mg II 488 Cruzado, A.; Ringuelet, A. E.
On the Fe II Dielectronic Recombination in Stellar Envelopes 492 Cruzado, A.; Ringuelet, A. E.
B-type Emission-line Stars with Warm Circumstellar Dust 494 Sheikina, T. A.; Miroshnichenko, A. S.; Corporon, P.
Optical and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Emission Line Young Stellar Object Gy 2-18 (HHL 31) 498 Persi, P.; Polcaro, V. F.; Bohigas, J.; Tapia, M.
Continuum Flux Excess in Be Stars Determined from Spectral Lines 502 Zorec, J.; Ballereau, D.; Chauville, J.
On the Characteristics of Circumstellar Envelopes in Be Stars near the Central Object 506 Moujtahid, A.; Zorec, J.; Hubert, A. M.
Physical Properties of Circumstellar Envelopes in Be Stars Derived from their Long-term Spectrophotometric Variations 510 Moujtahid, A.; Zorec, J.; Hubert, A. M.
Correlated Spectroscopic and Spectrophotometric Behaviours of Be Stars 514 Moujtahid, A.; Hubert, A. M.; Zorec, J.; Ballereau, D.; Chauville, J.; Floquet, M.; Mon, M.
Shell Lines in Be Disks 518 Hanuschik, R. W.
Be Envelope Properties Determined from Fe II Emission Lines 523 Chauville, J.; Ballereau, D.; Cidale, L.; Morrell, N.; Friedjung, M.; Zorec, J.
Line Formation in Be Star Disks: Shell Absorption and Rotation Law 527 Hummel, W.; Vrancken, M.
Interpretation of the Cyclic Balmer Progression Phenomenon 531 Hirata, R.; Okazaki, A. T.
Long-term Variability of π Aqr 535 Bjorkman, K. S.; Miroshnichenko, A. S.; McDavid, D. A.; Pogrosheva, T. M.
Discrete Structures in the CS Envelope of the Be star ζ Tau 539 Ballereau, D.; Chauville, J.; Cao, H.; Floquet, M.; Hubert, A. M.; Zorec, J.
Variability of the Hα Emission in the Be Star &ogr; Andromedae 543 Panko, E.; Tarasov, A. E.
Semi-empirical Model of the Star V923 Aquilae 547 Arias, M. L.; Cidale, L. S.; Ringuelet, A. E.
Stellar and Circumstellar Activity in the Be Star EW Lac from the Multi-site 1993 Campaign 550 Hubert, A. M.; Floquet, M.; Hirata, R.; McDavid, D.; Zorec, J.; Gies, D.; Hahula, M.; Janot-Pacheco, E.; Kambe, E.; Leister, N. V.; Stefl, S.; Tarasov, A.
A Spectroscopic and Photometric Study of the Shell Star EW Lac 554 Cao, H.; Li, Z.; Huang, L.; Guo, Y.
The Be Phenomenon in Pleione 558 Hirata, R.; Shimada, M. R.; Masuda, S.; Katahira, J.
The Emitting Envelope of Pleione between 1987 and 1998 562 Ballereau, D.; Chauville, J.; Zorec, J.; Morrell, N.
Spectral Changes of Pleione-Start of a New Cycle? 566 Iliev, L.
Spectral and Photometric Evolution of V725 Tau (1996-1999): Towards a Shell Phase? 569 Piccioni, A.; Bartolini, C.; Bernabei, S.; Galleti, S.; Giovannelli, F.; Guarnieri, A.; Sabau-Graziati, L.; Valentini, G.; Villada, M.
IUE Spectra of Be Star CX Dra: Evidence for Winds 573 škoda, P.; Koubský, P.
The Circumstellar Structure of the Be Shell-Star &phis; Per 577 Hummel, W.; štefl, S.; Rivinius, Th.
59 Cygni: A Titled &phis; Persei like System 581 Rivinius, Th.; štefl, S.
Photometry and Spectroscopy of X Per During the Years 1996-1999 585 Piccioni, A.; Bartolini, C.; Bernabei, S.; Galleti, S.; Guarnieri, A.; Valentini, G.
Multiwavelength Monitoring of the Be/X-ray Binary X Persei- Evidence for Multiple Disk Structures 589 Roche, P.; Tarasov, A. E.; Lyuty, V. M.; Clark, J. S.; Larionov, V.
X Per in 1996 - 1999: the Variability of Hydrogen and Helium Lines 593 Kolka, I.; Eenmäe, T.; Puss, A.; Leedjäru, L.
Energy Balance in Circumstellar Envelopes 597 Millar, C. E.; Marlborough, J. M.; Sigut, T. A. A.
A Simple Spectropolarimetric Temperature Diagnostic for Circumstellar Disks 603 Bjorkman, K. S.; Bjorkman, J. E.; Wood, K.
Search for Evidence of Radiative Equilibrium Departures in Extended Atmospheres 607 Venero, R.; Cidale, L.; Ringuelet, A.
An MHD Model of Be Stars with Disks 611 Dudorov, A. E.; Pudritz, D. E.
Be Star Discs: Inflow or Outflow? 617 Porter, J. M.
Effect of Instability-Generated Clumping on Wind Compressed Disk Inhibition 621 Owocki, S. P.; Cohen, D. H.
Selfconsistent Models of Winds from Rotating Early-Type Stars - Application to B[e] star winds 626 Petrenz, P.; Puls, J.
Ionization Structure and Mass Loss for Rapidly-Rotating Near Main-Sequence B Stars 632 Bjorkman, J. E.; Abbott, B. P.
New Radiation Driven Wind Solutions Including Stellar Rotation: Applicability to Be stars 636 Curé, M.
He I Line Profiles Obtained From a Be Wind Model 640 Rohrmann, R.
Be Stars in Roche-Lobe Interacting Binaries 644 Tarasov, A. E.
Be stars in X-ray binary systems 656 Coe, M. J.
Glimpses of Be Binary Evolution 668 Gies, D. R.
Searching for New Be/X-ray Binaries in the SMC: the case of 1SAXJ0103-7209 XTEJ0055-724, RXJ0052-7319, XTEJ0111-7317 and 2E0050-7247 681 Covino, S.; Israel, G. L.; Polcaro, V. F.; Campana, S.; Mereghetti, S.; Stella, L.
Highly-Eccentric Be/X-ray Binaries: Evolution, Wind Rose Effect Accretor-Propeller Luminosity Gap 685 Raguzova, N. V.; Lipunov, V. M.
The Evolutionary Evidence for Be/Black Hole Binaries 689 Raguzova, N. V.; Lipunov, V. M.
The Evolutionary Evidence for Most Be Stars Being Paired with Hot White Dwarfs 693 Raguzova, N. V.
Gas-Dynamical Modelling of Circumstellar Matter in β Lyr A 697 Bisikalo, V. V.; Boyarchuk, A. A.; Harmanec, P.; Hadrava, P.; Kuznetsov, O. A.
Origin of Circumstellar Matter in the Spectroscopic Binary CX Dra 701 Iwamatsu, H.; Hirata, R.; Masuda, S.
NLTE Model Atmospheres of Irradiated Stars in B Binaries 705 Kubát, J.
The Spectral Distribution of Be/X-ray Transients Implies Supernova Kicks 709 Negueruela, I.
The X-ray Outbursts of Be/X-ray Transients 713 Negueruela, I.; Okazaki, A. T.
Global One-armed Oscillations in the Be/X-ray Binary LS I+61° 235/RX J0146.9+6121 719 Reig, P.; Negueruela, I.; Coe, M. J.; Fabregat, J.; Tarasov, A. E.
Evidence for Magnetic Field Decay in the Slowest Known Be/X-ray Pulsars X Per and RX J0146.9+5121 723 Li, X.-D.; Wang, Z.-R.
New JHK Photometry of LS I +61 303 727 Martínez-Núñez, S.; Fabregat, J.
Confirmation of a Moving Component in the Hα Emission Line of LS I+61°303 731 Zamanov, R. K.; Martí, J.
Substantial Disc Loss in the Be/X-ray Binary System A0535+26 735 Haigh, N. J.; Coe, M. J.; Steele, I. A.; Fabregat, J.
Searching for New Be/X-ray Binaries in the Galactic Plane: the Case of GS 0834-43, 1WGAJ1958.2+3232 and AXJ 1820.5-1434 739 Israel, G. L.; Covino, S.; Polcaro, V. F.; Campana, S.; Mereghetti, S.; Pizzella, A.; Roche, P.; Stella, L.; Verrecchia, F.
Summary and Future Directions 743 Marlborough, J. M.