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Paper: The Formation of One-Lobed Stokes V Profiles in an Inhomogeneous Atmosphere
Volume: 236, Advanced Solar Polarimetry -- Theory, Observation, and Instrumentation: 20th NSO/SAC Summer Workshop
Page: 371
Authors: Ploner, S. R. O.; Schussler, M.; Solanki, S. K.; Sheminova, V. A.; Gadun, A. S.; Frutiger, C.
Abstract: We assess the diagnostic potential of the observed pathological Stokes V profiles that differ strongly from the customary, nearly antisymmetric two-lobed shape. In particular, we consider the formation of one-lobed Stokes V profiles using the results of an MHD simulation. We find that the majority of one-lobed profiles is produced in regions of weak horizontal field with significant cancellation caused by mixed polarity along the line of sight. A minority of one-lobed profiles originates close to strong magnetic field concentrations with strong gradients of velocity and magnetic field strength.
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