Title: Advanced Solar Polarimetry -- Theory, Observation, and Instrumentation: 20th NSO/SAC Summer Workshop
Volume: 236 Year: 2001 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Sigwarth, Michael
ISBN: 1-58381-073-0 eISBN: 978-1-58381-572-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Workshop Summary 1 van Ballegooijen, A. A.
Multi-line Spectropolarimetry at THÉMIS 9 Paletou, F.; Molodij, G.
The SOLIS Vector-Spectromagnetograph (VSM) 16 Keller, C. U.; The Solis Team
Proxy Magnetometry with the Dutch Open Telescope 25 Rutten, R. J.; Hammerschlag, R. H.; Sütterlin, P.; Bettonvil, F. C. M.
The Solar-B Spectro-Polarimeter 33 Lites, B. W.; Elmore, D. F.; Streander, K. V.
Polarimeter for Space Solar Telescope 41 Wang, D.; Deng, Y.; Ai, G.; Sun, C.
POLIS: Simultaneous Measurement of Photospheric and Chromospheric Magnetic Field 49 Schmidt, W.; Kentischer, T. J.; Bruls, J.; Lites, B. W.
A new Stokes Polarimeter for the Dunn Solar Telescope 57 Sigwarth, M.; Berst, C.; Gregory, S.; Hegwer, S.; Richards, K.; Rimmele, T.; Wilkins, L.; Lites, B. W.; Elmore, D. F.; Streander, K. V.
The Big Bear Solar Observatory's Digital Vector Magnetograph 65 Spirock, T.; Denker, C.; Chen, H.; Chae, J.; Qiu, J.; Varsik, J.; Wang, H.; Goode, P. R.; Marquette, W.
Polarization Characteristics of the Horizontal Automatic Solar Telescope (HAST) at the Sayan Observatory 73 Letunov, A. S.; Demidov, M. L.
A new CCD-based Solar Active Region Stokesmeter at the Sayan Observatory (a Project) 81 Grigoryev, V. M.; Demidov, M. L.; Letunov, A. S.
Preliminary Comparison of Magnetograms from KPVT/SPM, SOHO/MDI and GONG+ 87 Jones, H. P.; Ceja, J. A.
Observation of Scattering Polarization and the Diagnostics of Solar Magnetic Fields 97 Stenflo, J. O.
A High Resolution Atlas of the Second Solar Spectrum 109 Gandorfer, A. M.
Hanle Effect Observations in the UV with the Mg I Multiplet at 3829 - 3838 Å 117 Bianda, M.; Stenflo, J. O.
Scattering Polarization Observations with the Tenerife Gregory Coudé Telescope 125 Dittmann, O.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Semel, M.; López Ariste, A.
Full Stokes LPSP Observations of the Na D1 and D2 Lines in Magnetized Regions close to the Solar Limb 133 Martínez Pillet, V.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Collados, M.
THÉMIS Observations of the Second Solar Spectrum 141 Trujillo Bueno, J.; Collados, M.; Paletou, F.; Molodij, G.
Scattering Polarization Measurements with THÉMIS 151 Arnaud, J.; Vigneau, J.; Faurobert, M.; Paletou, F.
Atomic Polarization and the Hanle Effect 161 Trujillo Bueno, J.
The Hanle Effect with Angle Dependent Redistribution Functions 197 Frisch, H.; Faurobert, M.; Nagendra, K. N.
Depolarizing Lines in the Solar Spectrum 205 Fluri, D. M.; Stenflo, J. O.
Modeling the Scattering Line Polarization of the Ca II Infrared Triplet 213 Manso Sainz, R.; Trujillo Bueno, J.
Impact Polarization of the D2 Line of Sodium Atom 221 Balança, C.; Dubois, A.
Status of the Hanle Effect for Stars 227 Ignace, R.
Three-Dimensional Modeling of Coronal Magnetic Fields 235 van Ballegooijen, A. A.
Long-term Evolution of the Polar Magnetic Field at the Coronal Base: A Model 245 Pisanko, Y. V.
Infrared Polarimetry 255 Collados, M.
Mapping of Vector Magnetic Fields at 12 μm 273 Jennings, D. E.; Deming, D.; Sada, P. V.; McCabe, G. H.; Moran, T.
Simulation and Observation of Solar FeI 1.56 μm Line using PtSi Array Camera 281 Cao, W.; Song, Q.; Ye, B.
Small-Scale Flow Field in a Sunspot Penumbra 289 Schlichenmaier, R.; Schmidt, W.
Vector Polarimetry using the Kodaikanal Tower Telescope 297 Sankarasubramanian, K.; Venkatakrishnan, P.
Observed Phases (v, δB) as a Function of Center to Limb Angle 305 Norton, A. A.; Liu, Y.; Ulrich, R. K.
A Comparison of Flux Emergence, Cancellation, and Motions in Flaring and Non-Flaring Sites of NOAA 8038 Observed by USO Magnetograph 313 Ambastha, A.; Mathew, S. K.
Magnetic Evolution and Solar Activity of Active Region NOAA 8765 321 Deng, Y.; Yan, Y.; Qiu, J.
Convergent Flows in the Penumbra of a δ-Sunspot 329 Lites, B. W.; Socas-Navarro, H.
Solar Differential Rotation measured from King Abdul-Aziz University Solar Observatory 337 Basurah, H. M.; Almleaky, Y. M.; Malawi, A. A.; Goharji, A. A.
Numerical Simulation of Solar Magneto-Convection 343 Schüssler, M.
Effects of Limited Resolution on the Inferred Structure of Photospheric Magnetic Fields 355 Emonet, T.; Cattaneo, F.
An Example of Reconnection and Magnetic Flux Recycling near the Solar Surface 363 Ploner, S. R. O.; Schüssler, M.; Solanki, S. K.; Gadun, A. S.
The Formation of One-Lobed Stokes V Profiles in an Inhomogeneous Atmosphere 371 Ploner, S. R. O.; Schussler, M.; Solanki, S. K.; Sheminova, V. A.; Gadun, A. S.; Frutiger, C.
Simulation of Collision between Shock Wave and a Magnetic Flux Tube 379 Sakai, J.
High Resolution Polarimetry and the Need for a Large-Aperture Solar Telescope 389 Keller, C. U.
High Resolution Vector Magnetograms with the Flare Genesis Vector Polarimeter 399 Bernasconi, P. N.; Rust, D. M.; Eaton, H. A. C.
Speckle Spectro-Polarimetry of Small-Scale Magnetic Structures 407 Janßen, K.; Koschinsky, M.; Kneer, F.
Spectropolarimetric Signatures of Convective Collapse 415 Rodrígues Hidalgo, I.; Bellot Rubio, L. R.; Collados, M.; Ruiz Cobo, B.
Origin of Helicity in the Quiet Sun 423 Pevtsov, A. A.; Longcope, D. W.
A Multi-Channel Speckle Imaging System for the DOT 431 Sütterlin, P.; Hammerschlag, R. H.; Bettonvil, F. C. M.; Rutten, R. J.; Skomorovsky, V. I.; Domyshev, G. N.
Spectroscopic Observation of G-Band Bright Points 439 Langhans, K.; Schmidt, W.; Rimmele, T.; Sigwarth, M.
Proxy Magnetometry of the Photosphere: Why are G-Band Bright Points so Bright? 445 Rutten, R. J.; Kiselman, D.; Rouppe van der Voort, L.; Plez, B.
Why are G-Band Bright Points Bright? 453 Steiner, O.; Bruls, J.; Hauschildt, P. H.
Dynamics of Quiet Sun Magnetic Fields 463 Denker, C.; Spirock, T.; Varsik, J. R.; Chae, J.; Marquette, W. H.; Wang, H.; Goode, P. R.
The Dynamics of Magnetic Elements as Deduced from Analysis of Stokesmeter Observations of Large-Scale Solar Magnetic Fields 471 Demidov, M. L.; Peshcherov, V. S.; Zhigalov, V. V.; Grigoryev, V. M.
Interpretation of the Large-Scale Solar Magnetic Field Measurements using the Line Ratio Technique 479 Veretsky, R. M.; Demidov, M. L.
Stokes Inversion Techniques: Recent Achievements and Future Horizons 487 Socas-Navarro, H.
A Synthesis Code for Forbidden Coronal Lines 503 Judge, P. G.; Casini, R.
Inversion of Stokes Profiles with Artificial Neural Networks 511 Carroll, T. A.; Balthasar, H.; Muglach, K.; Nickelt, I.
Inversion Codes based on Pattern Recognition 521 López Ariste, A.
Group Theory Approach to the Transfer of Polarized Light 529 López Ariste, A.
Stokes Profile Inversion without Resort to Specific Atmospheric Models 535 Sakurai, T.
Velocity and Field Gradient Corrections to the Rachkovsky Inversion for Magnetic Atmospheres 543 Skumanich, A.
The Molecular Zeeman Effect and Solar Magnetic Fields 551 Berdyugina, S. V.; Frutiger, C.; Solanki, S. K.; Livingston, W.
Umbral Spectra in the Ultraviolet via Molecular V-Stokes 559 Livingston, W.; Berdyugina, S. V.
ASP Observations - First Analysis of Mgb2 Stokes Parameters 565 Briand, C.; Martínez Pillet, V.
Applying a Two-Component Inversion to Stokes Spectra from a Sunspot Penumbra 571 Leka, K. D.
Penumbral Stokes-V Asymmetries of Fe I 1564.8 nm 579 Schlichenmaier, R.; Soltau, D.; Lühe, O. V. D.; Collados, M.
The Formation of Asymmetric Stokes V Profiles in the Presence of a Magnetopause 587 Steiner, O.
The Advanced Technology Solar Telescope 597 Keil, S. L.; Rimmele, T. R.; Keller, C. U.; The Atst Team