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Paper: Accretional heating of the white dwarf in cataclysmic variables
Volume: 261, The Physics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Page: 55
Authors: Godon, P.; Sion, E. M.
Abstract: We carry out numerical simulations of the accretional heating of the white dwarf in cataclysmic variable systems, using an improved one-dimensional code. Updated OPAL opacities and boundary layer irradiation are included, and simulations are followed for many outburst cycles. We check the luminosity, radius and temperature of the white dwarf for different values of parameters (mass of the white dwarf, radius, temperature, mass accretion rate, outburst period, etc.). We find that the increase of the white dwarf surface temperature is mainly due to compressional heating as matter is continually accreted.
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