Title: The Physics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Volume: 261 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Gänsicke, B. T.; Beuermann, K.; Reinsch, K.
ISBN: 1-58381-101-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-597-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
Cataclysmic variable secondaries: models of low mass stars and brown dwarfs 2 Baraffe, I.
Magnetic activity in low-mass stars: Do the brakes come off? 11 Collier Cameron, A.
The temperatures of white dwarfs in CVs: Implications of results from HST 21 Szkody, P.; Sion, E. M.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Howell, S. B.
Compressional heating of accreting white dwarfs in CVs 31 Townsley, D. M.; Bildsten, L.
Session I: Secondary and primary stars. Discussion summary 41 Beuermann, K.
Third component in cataclysmic variables: Additional mechanism for accretion rate changes? 47 Andronov, I. L.; Chinarova, L. L.
Irradiation of CV secondaries 49 Barman, T. S.; Hauschildt, P. H.; Allard, F.
Near-infrared light curves of the black-hole binary A0620--00 53 Froning, C. S.; Robinson, E. L.
Accretional heating of the white dwarf in cataclysmic variables 55 Godon, P.; Sion, E. M.
EF Eri: Its white dwarf primary and ``L Dwarf'' secondary and 2MASS data for other CVs 57 Harrison, Thomas E.; Osborne, Heather; Johnson, Joni J.; Howell, S. B.
On the masses of the secondary stars in CVs 59 Howell, S. B.
The physics of collapsing stars magnetospheres 61 Kryvdyk, V.
Infrared spectroscopy of selected cataclysmic variables 63 Mennickent, R. E.; Diaz, M.
Photometry and spectroscopy of selected preCV stars 65 Ogloza, W.
What is the mass ratio of the binary system RW Tri? 67 Poole, T.; Mason, K. O.; Ramsay, G.; Drew, J. E.
HST STIS spectroscopy of VW Hydri during early quiescence following a superoutburst 69 Sion, E. M.; Cheng, F.-H.; Szkody, P.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Sparks, W. M.; Hubeny, I.
Skew mapping cataclysmic variables 73 Smith, R. C.; Vande Putte, D.
Chandra observation of U Gem at quiescence 75 Szkody, P.; Nishikida, K.; Seth, A.; Hoard, D. W.; Raymond, J.; Sion, E. M.; Long, K. S.
The recurrent nova U Scorpii -- A type Ia supernova progenitor 77 Thoroughgood, T. D.; Dhillon, V. S.; Littlefair, S. P.; Marsh, T. R.; Smith, D. A.
Effects of rotation on helium accreting white dwarfs 79 Yoon, S.-C.; Langer, N.
The high field magnetic CVs 82 Wickramasinghe, D. T.; Ferrario, L.
Stream-fed accretion in intermediate polars 92 Hellier, C.
LARPs -- Low-accretion rate polars 102 Schwope, A. D.; Brunner, H.; Hambaryan, V.; Schwarz, R.
Plasma diagnostics in high-resolution X-ray spectra of magnetic cataclysmic variables 113 Mauche, C. W.
Session II: Magnetic cataclysmic variables. Discussion summary 122 de Martino, D.
Twenty five years of the AM Her phenomenon: results of the polarimetric and photometric monitoring 129 Andronov, I. L.; Kolesnikov, S. V.; Shakhovskoy, N. M.
FUSE observations of AM Her 131 Barrett, P.
A white dwarf with a low magnetic field in the IP RX J0028.8+5917/V709 Cas 133 Bonnet-Bidaud, J. M.; Mouchet, M.; de Martino, D.; Matt, G.; Motch, C.
New polarimetric observations of the AM Her star RX J1313.2--3259 135 Buckley, D. A. H.; Potter, S.; van der Heyden, K. J.
Diagnostics of the accretion plasma in magnetic CVs from high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy 137 Burwitz, V.; Reinsch, K.; Haberl, F.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Predehl, P.
Model accretion streams in polars 141 Cash, J. L.; Howell, S. B.
The X-ray emission of the intermediate polar V709 Cas 143 de Martino, D.; Matt, G.; Mukai, K.; Belloni, T.; Bonnet-Bidaud, J. M.; Chiappetti, L.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Haberl, F.; Mouchet, M.
A multi-site photometric campaign on V709 Cas 145 de Martino, D.; Silvotti, R.; González Pérez, J. M.; Kalytis, R.; Janulis, R.; Jiang, X. J.; Oswalt, T.; Carlson, G.; Silvestri, N.; Bonnet-Bidaud, J. M.; Matt, G.; Mouchet, M.; Mukai, K.
The BeppoSAX X-ray monitoring of AM Her: a low state again 147 de Martino, D.; Silvotti, R.; Matt, G.; Bonnet-Bidaud, J. M.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Mouchet, M.
The magnetic field of AR UMa 149 Ferrario, L.; Wickramasinghe, D. T.; Schmidt, G.
First XMM-Newton results from intermediate polars 151 Haberl, F.
``Genetically modified fireflies'' -- 3D eclipse mapping for polars 153 Hakala, P. J.; Cropper, M.; Ramsay, G.
Accretion instabilities with time-scales from seconds to years in magnetic cataclysmic variables 155 Halevin, A. V.; Andronov, I. L.; Shakhovskoy, N. M.; Pavlenko, E. P.; Kolesnikov, S. V.; Ostrova, N. I.
Evolution of the spin period of AM Herculis 157 Mason, P. A.; Andronov, I. L.; Shakhovskoy, N. M.; Kolesnikov, S. V.
HST/STIS observations of the polar UZ Fornacis in a high state 159 Nogami, D.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Beuermann, K.
UBV RI pulsations and orbital modulation of the intermediate polar 1WGA J1958.2+3232 161 Norton, A. J.; Quaintrell, H.; Negueruela, I.
Fireballs in AE Aquarii 163 Pearson, K. J.; Horne, K.; Skidmore, W.
Cyclotron emission from stratified accretion shocks in magnetic cataclysmic variables 165 Potter, S.; Ramsay, G.; Wu, K.; Cropper, M.
Tomography of AM Herculis 167 Schwarz, R.; Hedelt, P.; Rau, A.; Staude, A.; Schwope, A. D.
Fireballs and oscillations in AE Aqr 169 Skidmore, W.; Pearson, K. J.; O'Brien, K.; Horne, K.; Gomer, R.
On the spin periods of the magnetic cataclysmic variables 171 Somerscales, R. V.; Norton, A. J.; Wynn, G. A.; West, R. G.
A burst from the direction of UZ Fornacis with XMM-Newton 173 Still, M.; Mukai, K.
X-Ray beaming due to resonance scattering in the accretion column of polars 175 Terada, Y.; Makishima, K.; Ishida, M.; Fujimoto, R.; Matsuzaki, K.; Kaneda, H.
Analysis of the ASCA data of the intermediate polar YY Dra 177 Yazgan, E.; Balman, Ş.
Braking and bouncing 180 Kolb, U.
Properties of a spectroscopically selected CV sample 190 Gänsicke, B. T.; Hagen, H.-J.; Engels, D.
A first look at cataclysmic variable stars from the 2dF QSO survey 200 Marsh, T. R.; Morales-Rueda, L.; Steeghs, D.; Maxted, P.; Kolb, U.; Boyle, B.; Croom, S.; Loaring, N.; Miller, L.; Outram, P.; Shanks, T.; Smith, R.
Cataclysmic variables: An empirical angular momentum loss prescription from open cluster data 208 Pinsonneault, M. H.; Andronov, N.; Sills, A.
Session III: Binary evolution I. Discussion summary 217 Warner, B.
Similarities in the behaviour of high mass ratio LMXBs and CVs 223 Charles, P. A.
A new evolutionary picture for CVs and LMXBs 233 King, A. R.; Schenker, K.
A new evolutionary picture for CVs and LMXBs. II. The impact of thermal-timescale mass transfer 242 Schenker, K.; King, A. R.
On the evolution of interacting binaries which contain a white dwarf 252 Langer, N.; Yoon, S.-C.; Wellstein, S.; Scheithauer, S.
Session IV: Binary evolution II. Discussion summary 261 Kolb, U.
The distance to cataclysmic variables 269 Augusteijn, T.
The minimum period problem in CVs 271 Barker, J.; Kolb, U.
MT Serpentis: A pre-cataclysmic variable or not? 273 Bruch, A.
The infrared counterpart of GX 17+2 275 Callanan, P. J.; Curran, P.; Filippenko, A. V.; Garcia, M. R.; Margon, B.; Deutsch, E.; Fender, R. P.
Testing theory of binary evolution with interacting binary stars 277 Ergma, E.; Sarna, M. J.
Observation with XMM-Newton of the globular cluster M22 279 Gendre, Bruce; Webb, Natalie A.; Barret, Didier
Wind accretion in the VV Cep system KQ Puppis 281 González-Riestra, R.; Rossi, C.; Viotti, R.
Infrared properties of cataclysmic variables from 2MASS: Results from the 2nd incremental data release 283 Hoard, D. W.; Wachter, S.; Clark, L. L.; Bowers, T. P.
The mass of the black hole in GS 2000+25 285 Ioannou, Z.; Robinson, E. L.; Welsh, W. F.; Haswell, C. A.
Chandra detection of 16 new X-Ray sources 287 Küpcü Yoldaş, A.; Balman, Ş.
CV population densities: Using CFHT as the worlds largest time-series photometer 289 Lott, D. A.; Haswell, C. A.; Abbott, T. M. C.; Ringwald, F.
Photometric study of V471 Tauri: New photoelectric times of the minima in the triple system 291 Petrík, K.; Hric, L.; Niarchos, P. G.; Gális, R.
The formation of CVs with brown dwarf secondaries 293 Politano, M.
Finding CVs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: First results 297 Szkody, P.; Anderson, S.; Agüeros, M.; Covarrubias, R.
The missing CV population: Results from an objective prism survey 299 Tappert, C.; Augusteijn, T.; Maza, J.
A search for new galactic microquasars 301 Tsarevsky, G. S.; Pavlenko, E. P.; Stathakis, R. A.; Kardashev, N. S.; Slee, O. B.
BiSEPS: A new binary population synthesis code 303 Willems, B.; Mundin, R. P.; Kolb, U.
The UCT CCD CV survey 305 Woudt, P. A.; Warner, B.
Disk outflows; radiation or hydromagnetic driving? 308 Murray, N.
Accretion-disk structure with magnetic fields 317 Rüdiger, G.
Modelling the spectral signatures of accretion disk winds in cataclysmic variables 327 Long, K. S.; Knigge, C.
The evolution of disks and winds in dwarf novae outbursts 337 Froning, C. S.; Long, K. S.; Drew, J. E.; Knigge, C.; Proga, D.; Mattei, J. A.
Session V: Physics of outflows. Discussion summary 347 Cowley, A. P.; Schmidtke, P. C.
A stellar magnetic dipole connected to an accretion disk --- MHD simulations of the long-term evolution 349 Fendt, Christian
X-ray and UV observations of the low mass X-ray binary AC211 in the globular cluster M15 351 Ioannou, Z.; Naylor, T.; van Zyl, L.; Charles, P. A.; Smale, A. P.; Mukai, K.
Some comments on symbiotic stars with jets 353 Leedjärv, Laurits
Accretion disk turbulence 356 Balbus, S. A.
Spiral waves in accretion discs 367 Boffin, H. M. J.; Steeghs, D.
The disc instability model 377 Hameury, J.-M.
The quiescence of dwarf novae and X-ray transients 387 Menou, K.
Session VI: Physics of accretion discs I. Discussion summary 397 Lasota, J.-P.
Dwarf nova oscillations: New results 406 Warner, B.; Woudt, P. A.
Modelling unstable accretion discs 416 Murray, J. R.; Truss, M. R.; Wynn, G. A.
Ab initio simulations of accretion disc boundary layers 425 Armitage, P. J.
Further analysis of the X-ray eclipse of OY Car measured with XMM-Newton 433 Wheatley, P. J.; West, R. G.
First results from multi-wavelength observations during the 2001 outburst of WZ Sge 443 Kuulkers, E.; Knigge, C.; Steeghs, D.; Wheatley, P. J.; Long, K. S.
Session VII: Physics of accretion discs II. Discussion summary 453 Marsh, T. R.
Orbital variability vs early superhumps in WZ Sge, ``the king of superoutbursts'' 459 Andronov, I. L.; Yushchenko, A. V.; Niarchos, P. G.; Gazeas, K.
Time-resolved flickering mapping of V2051 Ophiuchi 461 Baptista, R.; Bortoletto, A.
Spectral and photometric evolution of the B[e]/X-ray transient CI Cam after its outburst in 1998 463 Barsukova, E. A.; Borisov, N. V.; Fabrika, S. N.; Goranskij, V. P.; Metlova, N. V.
Periodicities in ASCA X-ray observations of non-magnetic cataclysmic variables 465 Baskill, D. S.; Wheatley, P. J.; Osborne, J. P.
General relativistic spectra from accretion disks around rapidly rotating neutron stars 467 Bhattacharyya, S.; Bhattacharya, D.; Misra, R.; Thampan, A. V.
Photometric followup of DW UMa 469 Bíró, I. B.
AT Arae: A double-lined long period dwarf nova 471 Bruch, A.
Photometric evidence of superhumps in XTE J1118+48 approaching quiescence 473 Casares, J.; Zurita, C.; Shahbaz, T.; Rodríguez-Gil, P.; Charles, P. A.; Hynes, R. I.; Wagner, R. M.; Ryan, E.
Probing the accretion disks of dwarf novae through NIR spectroscopy 475 Froning, C. S.; Long, K. S.
Active density wave: An attempt to explain the photometric behaviour of HP Lib and AM CVn 477 González Pérez, J. M.; Solheim, J.-E.
IR light curves of eclipsing dwarf novae 479 Harlaftis, E. T.; Baptista, R.; Rutten, R. G. M.; Dhillon, V. S.
Mapping the disc evolution of EX Draconis 481 Harlaftis, E. T.; Papadimitriou, C.; Steeghs, D.; Sokoloski, J. L.; Rutten, R. G. M.; Niarchos, P. G.; Gazeas, K.; Manimanis, V.; Boffin, H.; Zurita, C.
Time-resolved HST UV echelle spectroscopy of IX Vel 483 Hartley, L. E.; Drew, J. E.; Long, K. S.
Kepler tomography of the accretion disk in V436 Centauri 485 Hoffmann, B.; Hessman, F. V.; Reinsch, K.
Spectrally resolved flares in the quiescent black hole V404 Cyg 487 Hynes, R. I.; Charles, P. A.; Zurita, C.; Casares, J.; Haswell, C. A.; Lott, D. A.
Superoutburst of the fifth WZ Sge-type dwarf nova, RZ Leo 489 Ishioka, R.; Uemura, M.; Kato, T.; The Vsnet Collaboration Team
The 2001 superoutburst of WZ Sge 491 Ishioka, R.; Uemura, M.; Kato, T.; The Vsnet Collaboration Team
A "hot line" or a "hot spot" in CVs: Can UU Aqr and IP Peg suggest it? 493 Katysheva, N. A.; Khruzina, T. S.; Shugarov, S. Yu.; Irsmambetova, T. R.; Drovalev, B. N.; Pavlenko, E. P.
Orbital mapping: A combination of eclipse and Doppler mapping 495 Kube, J.
SPH simulations of late superhumps 497 Kunze, S.
Mirror eclipses in the dwarf nova IP Peg 499 Littlefair, S. P.; Dhillon, V. S.; Marsh, T. R.; Harlaftis, E. T.
Emission line eclipse mapping of velocity fields in dwarf nova accretion discs 501 Makita, M.; Mineshige, S.
Time resolved spectroscopy of OY Car during decline from a superoutburst 503 Mason, E.; Howell, S. B.
Direct Monte Carlo simulations of accretion discs 505 Matsuda, T.; Mizutani, H.; Boffin, H. M. J.
Searching for spiral shocks 507 Morales-Rueda, L.; Marsh, T. R.
AcDc -- A new code to calculate vertical structures and spectra of accretion disks 509 Nagel, T.; Dreizler, S.; Werner, K.
Accretion disc parameters for the dwarf nova V803 Cen system 511 Nasser, M. R.; Solheim, J.-E.
Detection of spiral structure in the quiescent accretion disk of IP Pegasi 513 Neustroev, V. V.; Borisov, N. V.; Barwig, H.; Bobinger, A.; Mantel, K. H.; šimíc, D.; Wolf, S.
Spectroscopy and Doppler tomography of BZ Ursae Majoris in quiescence 515 Neustroev, V. V.; Medvedev, A.; Turbin, S.; Borisov, N. V.
The dynamics of distorted discs 517 Ogilvie, G. I.
Evolution of truncated decretion disks in Be/X-Ray binaries 519 Okazaki, A. T.; Bate, M. R.; Ogilvie, G. I.; Pringle, J. E.
Post-outburst rebrightening in WZ Sge stars 521 Osaki, Y.; Meyer, F.; Meyer-Hofmeister, E.
Peculiarities of the SU UMa type binary V1504 Cyg during one entire supercycle in 2000 523 Pavlenko, E. P.; Cook, L.; Irsmambetova, T. R.; Baklanov, A.; Dudka, O.
The long term X-ray behaviour of X 1705--440 525 Powell, C. R.; Haswell, C. A.; King, A. R.
Detection of negative superhumps in a LMXRB -- an end to the long debate on the nature of V1405 Aql (X 1916--053) 527 Retter, A.; Chou, Y.; Bedding, T.
On the accretion efficiency of neutron stars in long--period binaries 531 Ritter, H.; King, A. R.
Detection of variable circular polarization in the SW Sex star V795 Herculis 533 Rodríguez-Gil, P.; Casares, J.; Martínez-Pais, I. G.; Hakala, P. J.
The dwarf nova WX Cet: A pretender or a clone of WZ Sge? 535 Rogoziecki, P.; Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.
Doppler tomography of the rise to outburst in IY UMa 537 Rolfe, D. J.; Abbott, T. M. C.; Haswell, C. A.
Photometry of the novalike variable LQ Peg 539 Schmidtke, P. C.; Ciudin, G. A.; Indlekofer, U. R.; Johnson, D. R.; Fried, R. E.; Honeycutt, R. K.
Implications of the HST/FGS parallax of SS Cygni on the disc instability model 541 Schreiber, M. R.; Gänsicke, B. T.
Irradiated accretion discs in post novae 543 Schreiber, M. R.; Gänsicke, B. T.
RX And: an intermediate between Z Cam and VY Scl stars 545 Schreiber, M. R.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Mattei, J. A.
Variations of the outburst recurrence time in dwarf novae 547 šimon, V.
Temporal variation of activity of the soft X-ray transient Aql X--1 549 šimon, V.
Three-dimensional SPH simulations of stream-disc overflow in cataclysmic variables 551 Speith, R.; Kunze, S.
Floquet analysis in accretion disc dynamics 553 Tamburini, F.; Bianchini, A.
Doppler tomography of the X-ray nova XTE J1118+480 in outburst and near quiescence 555 Torres, M. A. P.; Callanan, P. J.; Garcia, M. R.
Is FS Aur the missing link between IPs & SW Sex objects? 557 Tovmassian, G.; Zharikov, S.; Neustroev, V. V.; Michel, R.; Greiner, J.
Outbursts and superoutbursts in dwarf novae and X-ray transients 559 Truss, M. R.; Wynn, G. A.; Murray, J. R.; King, A. R.
Optical observations of XTE J1118+480 during the 2000 outburst 561 Uemura, M.; The Vsnet Collaboration Team
A tomographic tour of U Geminorum 563 Unda-Sanzana, E.; Marsh, T. R.
UBV photometry of the X-ray binary Hercules X-1/HZ Herculis during the 1999 anomalous low state 565 Voloshina, I. B.; Sheffer, Eu.; Goranskij, V. P.
Imaging accretion discs with Hubeny spectra 567 Vrielmann, S.; Still, M.; Horne, K.
Time-resolved optical spectroscopy of Sco X--1 569 Wachter, S.; Hoard, D. W.; Johnson, B. D.
HET observations of the outburst of XTE J1859+226 571 Welsh, W. F.; Gallo, L.; Robinson, E. L.
Evidence of optical flares in quiescent SXTs 573 Zurita, C.; Casares, J.; Shahbaz, T.
The nature of classical nova explosions 576 Truran, J. W.
Super Eddington objects and their winds 585 Shaviv, N. J.
Recurrent novae, classical novae, symbiotic novae, and population II novae 595 Kato, M.
Evolution of binaries producing Type Ia supernovae, luminous supersoft X-ray sources, and recurrent novae 605 Hachisu, I.
Session VIII: The nova connection. Discussion summary 615 Shara, M.
Nova Persei 1901 (GK Per): A miniature supernova remnant 617 Balman, Ş.
FUSE spectra of QR Andromedae: A rare galactic supersoft X-ray binary 619 Cowley, A. P.; Hutchings, J. B.; Schmidtke, P. C.; Crampton, D.; Fullerton, A. W.
Information about nova V723 Cas (1995) before maximum 621 Friedjung, M.
HS 0455+8315: A new eclipsing novalike variable 623 Gänsicke, B. T.; Hagen, H.-J.; Kube, J.; Schwarz, R.; Staude, A.; Engels, D.; Nogami, D.; Kuduz, M.
The orbital periodicity in the different outburst stages of Nova Cassiopeiae 1995 (V723 Cas) 625 Goranskij, V. P.; Katysheva, N. A.; Kusakin, A. V.; Metlova, N. V.; Shugarov, S. Yu.; Karitskaya, E. A.; Barsukova, E. A.; Fabrika, S. N.
Revised analysis of the supersoft X-ray phase, helium enrichment, and turn-off time in the 2000 outburst of the recurrent nova CI Aquilae 627 Hachisu, I.; Kato, M.
V2487 Ophiuchi: A strong candidate for a recurrent nova and a progenitor of Type Ia supernova 629 Hachisu, I.; Kato, M.; Kato, T.; Matsumoto, K.
YY Her -- The primary eclipse in the system confirmed and a secondary one revealed 631 Hric, L.; Petrík, K.; Niarchos, P. G.; Velič, Z.; Gális, R.
Global galactic distribution of 22Na 633 Iyudin, A. F.
Detection of the γ-ray emission from the X-Ray nova GRO J0422+32 637 Iyudin, A. F.; Haberl, F.
Nova Centauri: A nova with a leaky shell 639 Johnson, J. J.; Harrison, T. E.; Osborne, H.; Gelino, D. M.; Liller, W.
Detection of circumbinary material in the galactic supersoft X-ray binary QR And 641 Kuduz, M.; Reinsch, K.; Beuermann, K.; Kube, J.
V4633 Sgr - A Double Periodic Classical Nova 643 Lipkin, Y.; Leibowitz, E. M.; Retter, A.
What powers the nova-like eruptions of symbiotic binaries 645 Mikolajewska, J.; Kolotilov, E. A.; Shenavrin, V. I.; Yudin, B. F.
Chandra HETG and RXTE PCA observations of the old nova V603 Aquilae 647 Mukai, K.; Orio, M.
The spectroscopic orbital period of HD 45166 649 Oliveira, A. S.; Steiner, J. E.
V1500 Cyg: 25 years later 651 Pavlenko, E. P.; Shugarov, S. Yu.; Goranskij, V. P.
Optical spectroscopy of the supersoft X-ray source RX J0439.8--6809 653 Reinsch, K.; Beuermann, K.; Gänsicke, B. T.
A solution to a 100--yr problem -- a connection between the transition phase in classical novae and intermediate polars 655 Retter, A.
The persisting UV activity in the ex-nova HR Del 657 Selvelli, P.; Friedjung, M.
O IV fluorescence in the symbiotic nova RR Tel 659 Selvelli, P.; Bonifacio, P.
Erupting novae in M87 661 Shara, M.; Zurek, D.
Photometric modulation of the X-ray binary V Sge during various states of activity 663 šimon, V.; Hric, L.; Petrík, K.; Shugarov, S. Yu.; Niarchos, P. G.; Marsakova, V. I.
Effects of photoionisation in symbiotic binaries 665 Skopal, A.
Outbursts of classical symbiotics: Multi-wavelength observations of the 2000--2001 outburst of Z Andromedae 667 Sokoloski, J. L.; Kenyon, S. J.; Kong, A. K. H.; Charles, P. A.; Kaiser, C. R.; Seymour, N.; Espey, B. R.; Keyes, C. D.; McCandliss, S. R.; Filippenko, A. V.; Li, W.; Pooley, G. G.; Brocksopp, C.; Stone, R. P. S.
UBV photometry of N Cyg 2001 = V2274 Cyg 669 Voloshina, I. B.; Metlova, N. V.
ULTRACAM -- an ultra-fast, triple-beam CCD camera 672 Dhillon, V.; Marsh, T. R.; Kelly, J.; Pashley, R.; Stevenson, M.; Atkinson, D.; Beard, S.; Ives, D.; Peacocke, T.; Tierney, C.; Vick, A.
MONET: a MOnitoring NEtwork of Telescopes 674 Hessman, F. V.; Beuermann, K.
Visualising interacting binaries in 3D 676 Hynes, R. I.
TPP - An interactive database of cataclysmic variables and related objects 678 Kube, J.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Hoffmann, B.
Photometry with the Potsdam 70cm-telescope 680 Staude, A.; Schwarz, R.; Schwope, A.; Rau, A.
A talk presented at the conference dinner: Dedicated to the 65-th anniversary of Klaus Beuermann 684 Andronov, I. L.
A concert of music by Sir William Herschel 685 Hessman, F. V.; Hammer, C.