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Paper: HS 0455+8315: A new eclipsing novalike variable
Volume: 261, The Physics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Page: 623
Authors: Gänsicke, B. T.; Hagen, H.-J.; Kube, J.; Schwarz, R.; Staude, A.; Engels, D.; Nogami, D.; Kuduz, M.
Abstract: HS 0455+8315 is a relatively bright (V~14.7) eclipsing CV discovered in the course of our search for new CVs in the Hamburg Quasar Survey. We derive Porb = 214.17 min from time-resolved photometry obtained over a baseline of ~2.5 months. A lower limit on the distance is estimated from the absence of secondary star features during the eclipse, d ≥430 pc. The strength of the {He}{II}{4686} line and the fact that the source is not detected in the ROSAT All Sky Survey strongly suggest that HS 0455+8315 is a novalike variable. Overall, HS 0455+8315 resembles in many aspects the systems of the SW Sex class.
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